Paul Henman formula1 Monaco Grand Prix – Qualifying

Monaco Grand Prix – Qualifying

Happy birthday Rubens!

Air temperature 24°C; track 45°C; humidity 69%; wind 1.5m/s

Only once in the last 23 years has anyone other than those on the front 3 grid positions, so qualifying (especially Q3) is very important

As I mentioned in my notes from Practice, Bridgestone have brought the soft and super-soft compounds

Qualifying session #1 (Q1):
The two Toyotas are on track as soon as the lights turn green
FM has broken his Ferrari’s nose on his first out lap
GF 1:19.473
JT 1:18.856
GF 1:17.907
5mins gone; 15mins left of Q1
SBu 1:17.225
HK 1:16.543
SV 1:16.499
SV 1:16.045
(JB P2)
(RB P2)
10mins gone = halfway through Q1
JB 1:15.817
RB 1:15.660
LH loses the tail under braking for Mirabeau; hits the barrier; damaged left rear suspension; he’s stuck on the track
Red flags out – Q1 paused with 8:07 left on the clock
LH shakes his head as he walks away from the broken McLaren
LH is in P7 but he won’t be able to take any further part in Qualifying – will his time be good enough to get him through to Q2 and therefore P15 on the grid?
The McLaren is lifted high into the air and moved off the track by a crane
Q1 restarted; FM is first out of the pits
3mins left; bottom 6 are SBu, RK, GF, SBo, NH
JB 1:15.210
Chequered flag falls; bottom 6 are RK, JT, NH, SBo, TG (LH = P15)
(FM P2)
(MW P2)
NR 1:15.094
(SBo P14, which pushes LH to P16)
Bottom 5 grid positions: P16=LH, 17=NH, 18=RK, 19=JT, 20=TG
Both Force India cars (GF & AS) make it through to Q2 for the first time

KR 1:15.332
SV 1:15.217
NR 1:14.846 – first one under 1:15
5mins gone; 10mins left of Q2
RB 1:14.829
MW 1:14.825
HK 1:14.809
NP tapped the barrier with his front right but seems OK
NP loses the tail as he passes the pit entrance – looks like he missed the barrier – got to get it facing the right way quickly
5mins left; bottom 5 are NP, SBu, GF, AS, SBo
Stewards announce: “Times of 1:18.052 and 1:16.603 for car 21 disallowed for cutting chicane” – that’s GF penalised, removing both his times for Q2 and pushing him to P15
3mins left; bottom 5 are NP, SBu, AS, SBo, GF
(GF posts a time but still P15)
KR 1:14.514
Chequered flag falls; bottom 5 are SBu, NP, GF, SBo, AS
Midfield positions are: P11=SBu, 12=NP, 13=GF, 14=SBo, 15=AS

SV first on track, followed by JB
SV 1:16.206
NR 1:15.602 – the Williams is probably light-fuelled
SV 1:15.395
(JB P3)
(RB P2)
5mins gone = halfway through Q3
3mins left; order is SV, NR, RB, JB, FM, HK, FA, KR, MW, KN
(KR P2)
(FM P3)
KR 1:14.927
JB 1:14.902
(RB P3)
(SV P4)
Great lap from JB to take pole
Front of the grid is: P1=JB, 2=KR, 3=RB, 4=SV, 5=FM, 6=NR, 7=HK, 8=MW, 9=FA, KN=10

Provisional grid: JB, KR, RB, SV, FM, NR, HK, MW, FA, KN, SBu, NP, GF, SBo, AS, LH, NH, RK, JT, TG.

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