Paul Henman formula1 British Grand Prix – Practice

British Grand Prix – Practice

The last British Grand Prix to be held at Silverstone 🙁 The Donington circuit is still under construction, but Bernie has said the British GP will not return to Silverstone.

FOTA have said they’re going to run their own series next year if they can’t reach agreement with the FIA. It’s interesting to hear that the owners of the Monaco circuit said they will not host a race that does not include Ferrari.

The best solution for everyone (including the fans) is that Bernie & Max get the boot!

Meanwhile, back on track… Vettel was fastest (1:19.400) followed by teammate Webber and Button.

Live timing info for the second practice session:
HK 1:24.011
NP 1:22.338
JT 1:22.315
MW 1:21.102
NP runs wide, off track but easily recovers
MW 1:20.402
RK takes to the pits … but that’s the wrong route; he finds the right entrance
15mins gone; 75mins left in this session
MW 1:20.263
MW 1:20.231
MW 1:19.597
30mins gone; 60mins left
KR runs wide in Copse
A few laps later, KR is fighting with the Ferrari again; loses the tail and runs wide
45mins gone = half way through this session
30mins left; fastest 6 are MW, SV, AS, KN, JT, HK
The difference between fastest (MW) and slowest (SBu) lap times is just 2.07 seconds
SV 1:19.456
15mins left
MW pulls off track and parks the Red Bull
Replay shows MW ran over the rumble strips and the engine cut out
Everyone turns up the wick for the final couple of laps
Chequered flag falls to end this practice session
Whoops – AS drives over his teammates front end plate in the pits!

Fastest was Vettel (1:19.456) followed by MW, AS, KN, FA, RB, LH, JT, NR, NP, RK, HK, TG, JB, NH, SBo, FM, KR, GF, SBu.
Qualifying starts at 8am EST tomorrow; see you then.

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