Paul Henman formula1 British Grand Prix – Qualifying

British Grand Prix – Qualifying

The lights turn green for the start of Qualifying Session 1 …
GF 1:21.732
NH 1:21.431
SBo 1:21.105
AS 1:20.850
SBo 1:20.590
(JB P5)
JT 1:19.915
(JB P2)
JT 1:19.356
NR 1:19.228
JT 1:18.886
(MW P2)
(LH P8)
10mins gone = half way through this session
MW 1:18.763
LH catches the McLaren as the rear tail snaps away
SV 1:18.685
MW 1:18.674
NH runs wide in Stowe but recovers
5mins left; bottom 5 are KR, NH, FM, SBu, HK – that’s a McLaren and both Ferrari drivers
(KR P6, relegating LH to P16)
3mins left
(HK P17)
(FM P9, relegating AS)
2mins left
(HK P14, relegating SBo)
(NH P12, pushing down GF)
KN 1:18.530
AS sitting in what’s left of a Force India – looks like a big off
Red flags – with 0:24 left on the clock, Q1 is over
Replay shows him losing the tail under braking and hitting the barriers really hard
So the back of the grid are: P16=GF, 17=SBo, 18=AS, 19=LH, 20=SBu – yes, homeboy Hamilton is on the last row of the grid

Qualifying session 2 (Q2):
SV is first on track, followed by FM, MW and NR
SV abandons his first flying lap
FM 1:19.257
MW 1:18.638
(FM P2)
(FA P2)
MW 1:18.209
(JT P2)
(KN P2)
(JT P2)
(RB P6)
(JB P10)
NP runs wide and kicks up some dirt on the final turn
5mins left; bottom 5 are JB, RK, NP, NH, HK
Expect to see everyone except MW out for a final flying lap
On-board with HK shows he’s fighting the McLaren in the corners
(KR P3)
2mins left
(JB P7) – that’s not enough to be safe – he needs a faster lap to make it to Q1
1min left
(RB P3)
Chequered flag falls on Q2
(JB P8)
SV 1:18.119 – stealing fastest lap from his teammate
Mid-grid positions are: P11=FM, 12=RK, 13=HK, 14=NP, 15=NH – that’s the 2nd McLaren out and one of the Ferrari

Qualifying session 3 (Q3):
Fighting for pole are JT, TG, MW, SV, NR, JB, RB, KR, FA & KN
RB leads a gaggle of cars onto the circuit – everyone except FA on track
RB 1:21.417
SV 1:20.863
(JB P2)
RB 1:20.536
SV 1:20.404
MW 1:20.040
5mins left = half way through Q3; order is MW, SV, RB, NR, JB, JT, KR, TG, FA, KN
Everyone pits for fresh tyres
2mins left; final flying laps
RB 1:19.856
SV 1:19.509
(JB P5)
Chequered flag falls on Q3 – it’s all about this final lap
(MW P3)
(KN P5)
Front of the grid: P1=SV, 2=RB, 3=MW, 4=JT, 5=KN, 6=JB, 7=NR, 8=TG, 9=KR, 10=FA
3rd pole this season for SV

Provisional grid: SV, RB, MW, JT, KN, JB, NR, TG, KR, FA, FM, RK, HK, NP, NH, GF, SBo, AS, LH, SBu.

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  1. Fuel info from the FIA:
    1 Vettel (lap 21)
    2 Webber +0.597secs (lap 18)
    3 Barrichello +0.653 (lap 17)
    4 Trulli +0.871 (lap17)
    5 Rosberg +1.022 (lap 19)
    6 Button +1.086 (lap 16)
    7 Nakajima +1.183 (lap 15)
    8 Glock +1.202 (lap 18)
    9 Raikkonen +1.391 (lap 16)
    10 Alonso +1.657 (lap 16)

    [source: BBC]

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