Paul Henman formula1 British Grand Prix – Race

British Grand Prix – Race

Check out my notes from Qualifying, the provisional grid and the starting weights (fuel loads) of the top 10 cars.

As always, my notes are after a cut…

The provisional grid was: SV, RB, MW, JT, KN, JB, NR, TG, KR, FA, FM, RK, HK, NP, NH, GF, SBo, AS, LH, SBu … however AS has a fuel pressure problem (on the rebuilt car, after his big crash in Qualifying) so he’s in the garage.

SV leads everyone away on the formation lap; looks like more are starting on the soft (option) tyre compound.
SV slowing through Luffield to bunch the cars up, so he won’t sit on the grid too long

01/60: Lights go out and we’re racing at potentially the last Silverstone Grand Prix
AS is starting from the pit lane
JT and JB falling down the order

02: SV, RB, MW, KN, KR, NR, JT, FM – JB down to P9
GF passes RK and FA as they fight
JB retakes P8 from FM
LH all over the tail of FA now

03: RK repasses LH after LH was pushed onto the grass by FA

04: SV, RB, MW, KN, KR, NR, JT, JB (LH in P15)
Replay of the start shows JB had a good start but was stuck behind JT as he (JT) moved
Pit-car for NH – told to pit (“box”) to replace his nose cone but NH says no
FA is all over the rear of NH

05/60: SV, RB, MW, KN, KR, NR, JT, JB
FA still trying to pass NH but on-board shows FA is fighting the wheel in the Renault

07: FA getting closer but still can’t get the power down

08: BBC report RB can’t get his tyres up to temperature

09: Pit-car for JB tells him FM is stopping on lap 24

10/60: Pit-car for LH says he’s “in the window”; need to pass RK if he can

11: SV has a 9.6sec lead over RB

13: SV now 14.5s clear of RB, who in turn has MW pushing him for P2

15/60: SV, RB, MW, KN, KR, NR, JT, JB
KN pits from P4

16: KR pits from P4 – rejoins ahead of KN, so he’s gained a place

17: Pit-car for LH discussing the imminent pit stop – LH says he has no grip

18: SV’s lead now 17.4s
LH tells his

19: JT & JB pit together – that’s unfortunate for JB – they exit the pits in the same order
RB pits from P2; TG pits too

20/60: MW pits – that’s earlier than expected – rejoins just feet ahead of RB
LH pits

21: SV pits from P1 – easily keeps the lead

22: Pit-car for FM tells him he’ll rejoin in P5 or P6 when he pits

23: NH exits the pits – almost turns in on LH

24: FM pits from P2 – rejoins in P5, as forecast by his team

25/60: SV, MW, RB, NR, FM, JT, KR, JB (LH in P18)

26: JB tells his team he’s struggling with front grip at high speed

28: It’s sad to see world champions FA & LH behind AS

30/60: FA runs wide in Luffield and LH takes P16 as he’s got the inside line for Copse

31: SV laps FA and then LH

32: LH slides a little in Becketts and FA re-takes P16

33: Pit-car for NR tell him to push RB harder and force an error

34: HK pits – on a 1-stop strategy – feeds back in between NP and LH

35: SBo ran into the back of HK in Vale – looks like HK thought it was SV?
SBo lost his front wing; HK has a punctured rear left
The stewards will look at the incident, I’m sure – not clear if HK or SBo caused it

38: HK pits – drives straight into the McLaren garage

39: SBo retires in his garage too

40/60: SV, MW, RB, NR, FM, JT, KR, JB (LH in P14); retirements: HK, SBo

43: KR pits from P7

44: JB tells his team he’s bottoming out in Turn 1 (Copse)
NR pits
LH off, all across the grass

45/60: SV pits
LH pits – replay shows he touched the grass as he braked for Vale

46: FM pits – rejoins in P7, ahead of NR

47: MW pits from P1 and his teammate re-takes the lead

48: RB pits from P3 – good clean stop

49: JB pits too – another good stop

50/60: SV, MW, RB, FM, NR, JB, JT, KR (LH P16); retirements: HK, SBo

52: Pit-car radio for JB tells him FM & NR (both ahead of him) are struggling on their new tyres

53: TG harrying KR for P8

54: JB closing on NR but is there time to pass?

55/60: SV, MW, RB, FM, NR, JB, JT, KR (LH P16); retirements: HK, SBo

56: JB has NR in sight but catching is one thing, passing is another

57: JB 0.8sec behind NR – he’s in the turbulent air now

58: JB now 0.5s back from NR

59: JB slides in Becketts – will he keep pushing or settle for P6?

Final lap: SV takes the chequered flag
Red Bull teammate MW over for P2
FM followed by NR and JB very close behind
JT in P7, KR P8
LH doing doughnuts!

Provisional result: SV, MW, RB, FM, NR, JB, JT, KR, TG, GF, KN, NP, RK, FA, NH, LH, AS, SBu; DNF: SBo, HK

Austrian national anthem for the constructor – even though they’re based in Milton Keynes, Red Bull is registered as an Austrian entry.

Next race: German GP at Nürburgring on July 10-12.

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