Paul Henman technology Im txtng while drvng

Im txtng while drvng

I spotted this cartoon on a couple of websites (with no link back to its origin):

It reminded me: isn’t the Ontario ban on drivers using cell phones coming in to effect soon? I checked a few sites and it appears it’s not law until October.

Actually, I think the new law is redundant. There are existing laws which address the problems of drivers not paying attention, so why not just enforce them? Why do we need a law specifically aimed at cell phones and other handheld devices? A technology-focused law doesn’t address the problem of idiots who eat while driving (I’ve seen a few instances of drivers holding a bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other!) or other reckless ignorance, such as the woman I saw grooming her dog whilst driving on the 401.

Please note: I’m using “driver”/”driving” in the loosest sense of the word – with these examples of distractions, they’re really just passengers who happen to be sitting behind the steering wheel.

Maybe the solution is to remove all driver safety features and place a large spike in the centre of the steering wheel? That should cause people to pay attention to their driving! Either that or Darwin will deal with the idiots. 🙂

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