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Today in history

It’s a bit hard for me to comprehend that 20 years ago today I started my second post-graduation job, joining Uniplex as a team leader. As I noted on my résumé site, my team had the fun task of porting Hewlett-Packard’s X.400 email server (OpenMail) to 25 flavours of UNIX as part of an office application suite (similar to MS-Office).

platespinner When I say it was fun, I mean it – it was like spinning plates, trying to keep all the systems running as we brought on new environments and having to make changes as we discovered how different they can be whilst still being standards compliant. For me it was a great combination of technical challenge and leadership role.

Sadly I was only there 2 years before the company was sold and stripped right down (almost everyone was laid off) but from there I went on to join Systematic and really get into Agile, so it’s not all bad. 🙂

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