Paul Henman formula1 Belgian Grand Prix – Practice

Belgian Grand Prix – Practice

The first practice session was declared wet; Trulli was fastest (1:49.675) followed by Button and Alonso. RB was baulked by RG; lots of heavy rain.

The second practice session starts now…
First on track are HK, SB & JA
14 cars on track after just 90 seconds
HK 1:53.790
RK 1:51.355
RG 1:50.156
5mins into the session – only RB and SV not on track
FA 1:49.207
Red flag – session stopped!
Debris at Turn 17 (Blanchimont)
Pit-car for LB telling him to pit urgently – apparently the debris is from his Ferrari
Marshal carries a wheel cover off track – that’s a big lump of metal, and obviously the stewards are nervous after Massa’s accident
Session restarts – remember, the clock isn’t stopped while the red flag is out
MW 1:48.361
RB spins but recovers OK
LH 1:48.347
FA 1:48.292
Replay shows lots of sparks coming off JB’s Brawn
30mins gone; 60mins left
LB is over 3secs off the pace – Ferrari have got to replace him ASAP
MW 1:47.830
MW 1:47.496
MW 1:47.484
LB put in a “fast” lap (for him) – he’s now only 2.6secs off the pace
RG managed to keep the Renault out the wall after the car tries to break away from him into Pouhon
30mins left of this practice session
is watching
15mins left
TG 1:47.217
5mins left; fastest are TG, MW, JT, RK, JA, SV, KR, SB
LH 1:47.201
KR coasting; pulls the Ferrari off track and parks it
Chequered flag is out to end this session
Looks like JA has parked his car too

Fastest in Practice 2 was Hamilton (1:47.201) followed by Glock and Raikkonen. Just 1 second covered the first 18 drivers; Rosberg was 1.2s off the pace and Badoer was almost a second slower than NR.

Qualifying is at the same time tomorrow.

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