Paul Henman formula1 Donington deadline

Donington deadline

Bernie Ecclestone has said this weekend is the deadline for Donington Park to prove they have the funding in place to support the circuit’s redevelopment in readiness for next year’s British Grand Prix. The fallback plan is to revert to Silverstone and I used to hope that they would get the race back, but now I’m not so sure … not since I learned that the date of the British Grand Prix is July 11th, the same day as the FIFA World Cup final!

It makes me wonder if Bernie/the FIA set the date to make it as hard as possible for whoever hosts the British GP to attract a huge crowd. They’ve done this before, when the race was moved to April and everyone seemed surprised when it rained and turned the place into a bog. Anyone would think there’s a spat between Bernie and the BRDC. Shocker!

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