Paul Henman formula1 Brazilian Grand Prix – Practice 2

Brazilian Grand Prix – Practice 2

Mark Webber was fastest in Practice 1 (1:12.463) followed by RB, SV,HK, LH, KN, JB & NR.

Practice 2
It’s dry, unlike Practice 1 – air temperature 18°C, track 23°C, wind 4.8m/s, humidity 84%
First on track are NH & SV
NH 1:16.961
SV 1:15.425
KK 1:14.516 – good time for the reserve driver (sitting in for the injured TG)
SV 1:14.064
MW 1:13.603
SV 1:12.923
10mins gone; just the Renaults of FA & RG yet to set a time
SB 1:12.796
SB 1:12.710
It’s looking a bit overcast – will it stay dry for the remain 75mins?
Pit-car radio for JB – team offer to dial in some understeer but JB says he’s got both oversteer and understeer!
VL spins but rejoins the circuit
JB 1:12.696
MW 1:12.604
JB 1:12.523
JT took to the escape road after his Toyota refused to turn in
SV runs wide, as does FA
30mins gone = 60mins left in Practice 2
HK controls a huge slide – nicely held!
SB 1:12.512
SB 1:12.357
The two Japanese drivers are at the foot of the timing table – KK just moved ahead of KN, who is 1.2secs off the lead pace
60mins gone = 30mins left
GF has stopped at the end of the pit lane exit – looked for a minute like he’d stopped to do a practice start but then he raised his hand to show he was stuck
The marshals don’t appear to be interested in moving the stranded Ferrari, even though it’s just around the bend at the end of the pit lane, hidden by the Armco barriers!
Finally the car is pushed off track
Only SV on track, checking out the track but it’s too damp and he heads for the pits
10mins left
Almost everyone on track now
2mins left
FA 1:12.314
Chequered flag falls to mark the end of Practice 2
Official timing info says Safety Car has been deployed!?

Fastest was FA (1:12.314) followed by SB, RB, MW, JB, JT, SV & NR.

I probably won’t have time to post the details of Saturday’s practice session, but I will post a summary as part of my Qualifying notes.

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