Paul Henman formula1 Brazilian Grand Prix – Practice 1

Brazilian Grand Prix – Practice 1

It’s the penultimate race of the season, and both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships are expected to be decided this weekend.

First, a few snippets of news:

  • Felipe Massa says his chances of driving in the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi are “very low”. [BBC]
    However he has completed a test session with 2007 Ferrari. [BBC]
  • Timo Glock suffered a cracked vertebra in his accident during qualifying for the race in Japan. The team are hopeful he can recuperate in time for Abu Dhabi. [BBC]
    He’ll be replaced at Toyota by reserve driver Kamui Kobayashi.

Practice 1
10 mins into the session and still no completed laps
JA 1:24.099
SB 1:18.382
SB 1:16.244
SB 1:15.347
15mins gone; 75mins left; still only the two Toro Rosso drivers (SB & JA) putting in timed laps so far.
SB 1:14.689
SB 1:14.513
KR has joined the party – 1:15.836 on his first timed lap
SB 1:14.091
KR 1:14.021
MW 1:13.951
LH 1:13.631
Yellow flag … cleared
LH 1:13.293
LH 1:13.187
30mins gone = 60mins left; everyone bar RG has set a lap time
It’s raining
BBC report MW almost collided with KN going into turn 12
RB 1:13.121
SV 1:12.932
Rain is heavier so everyone’s in the pits
BBC have a great quote from Red Bull team boss Christian Horner: “Sebastian Vettel’s team made a pact that they wouldn’t shave after Singapore, and obviously he won in Japan so superstition comes into play. Personally, I think Sebastian is just trying to prove that he can grow a beard, having only started shaving about three months ago.” 🙂
45mins gone = halfway through Practice 1
The rain has eased up but obviously the track’s still wet
JA sets off with intermediate tyres but returns to the pits
HK is braving dry tyres … others are following
RG runs wide at turn 12, through a polystyrene advertising/braking board – debris everywhere = red flag!
60mins gone = 30mins left (red flag doesn’t stop the clock)
Red flag lifted after almost 10mins; 9 cars head straight out of the pits
Fastest still is SV 1:12.932 followed by RB, LH, MW, KN, JB, KR & JT
15mins left
MW 1:12.805
Yellow flag … cleared
Another yellow flag – SB has hit the tyre wall and ripped off his right rear wheel … cleared
It’s raining again
MW 1:12.776
MW 1:12.463
Chequered flag ends the session

Fastest was MW (1:12.463) followed by RB, SV,HK, LH, KN, JB & NR.

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