Paul Henman formula1 Chinese Grand Prix – Practice

Chinese Grand Prix – Practice

Practice 1
FA’s Ferrari engine failed again – each driver is limited to 8 engines for the season and he’ll need to use #3 for qualifying tomorrow
SB has a very scary moment approaching the hairpin – both front wheels ripped off the Toro Rosso under braking! It’s hard to see even in a slow motion replay, but apparently an upright failed on the right wheel which then caused the left wheel to fail too.

Practice 2
KK 1:39.565
JA 1:38.559
JA 1:38.091
JB 1:36.988
LH 1:36.639
LH 1:36.033
NR 1:36.019
NR 1:35.674
LH 1:35.217
15mins left
HK parks the Lotus off track
5mins left
JA loses the tail under braking but recovers
Chequered flag
Fastest: LH, NR, JB, MS, SV, MW, AS, JA

Practice 3
VP crashed in Turn 16, bringing out the red flags with about 17mins left of the session – he’s OK but the car’s a mess
Fastest: MW, LH, SV, JB, FA, NR, MS

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