Paul Henman formula1 Turkish Grand Prix – Qualifying

Turkish Grand Prix – Qualifying

It’ll be a dry session – air temp 26°C, track 38°C, humidity 53%

McLaren let both practice sessions on Friday but SV was fastest in this morning’s practice.

Qualifying Session #1 (Q1)
TG 1:32.126
JT 1:31.722
AS 1:30.433
FA 1:28.172
JB 1:27.780
(LH P2)
(NR P2)
VL runs wide in Turn 12 but rejoins the track
10mins gone = halfway through Q1
JB 1:27.555
(SV P3 behind LH)
(NR P2)
MW 1:27.500
SV 1:27.067 to put the two Red Bulls at the top
5mins left; bottom 7 are VL, JT, HK, TG, BS, LdG, KC
SB up to P12, pushing RB to the relegation zone
RB to P11, so now it’s KK in danger … but he jumps past NH
Chequered flag out
NH improves enough to put SB back to P17
Everyone’s completed their final lap
The back of the grid will be: 18=VL, 19=JT, 20=HK, 21=TG, 22=BS, 23=LdG, 24=KC

Qualifying Session #2 (Q2)
Pit lane lights turn green … and first on track are RK and JB
RK 1:27.487
(JB P2)
SV 1:27.188
LH 1:27.013
(MW P2)
RB pushing the Williams hard but it just doesn’t have the pace
(JB P4)
SV 1:26.925 – first to break through 1:27
Halfway through Q2
3mins left; bottom 7 are FA, NR, PdlR, SB, JA, RB, NH
(MS P5)
(FM P4)
FA fighting with the Ferrari under braking
MW 1:26.818
FA on a final flying lap, but does he have enough fuel?
Chequered flag
FA doesn’t improve on P12
JA pushing his Toro Rosso hard – gets it a little sideways
Middle of the grid will be: P11=AS, 12=FA, 13=PdlR, 14=SB, 15=RB, 16=JA, 17=NH
JA stopped out on the circuit, so he’s got to walk back to the pits

Qualifying Session #3 (Q3)
Battling for the top 10 grid spots are SV, MW, LH, NR, FM, JB, VP, RK, KK & MS
RK first out of the garage again
Everyone except KK on track
Official timing chart not showing lap times 🙁
LH 1:26.542
(SV P2)
MW 1:26.510
Timing data is back – order is MW, LH, SV, JB, MS, NR, RK, FM, VP, KK
Halfway through Q3
KK finally exits his garage – he only has 1 set of new tyres, so this’ll be his only run
KK has the track to himself while everyone else prepares for a final dash
2mins left of Q3 – everyone leaves the pits
(KK P10)
Chequered flag – it’s all about this final lap
MW 1:26.295
(LH P2)
MS ran wide in Turn 8, spun across the gravel and beached the Mercedes
Yellow flags ruin everyone else’s final flying lap
So the front of the grid will be: P1=MW, 2=LH, 3=SV, 4=JB, 5=MS, 6=NR, 7=RK, 8=FM, 9=VP, 10=KK

Provisional grid: MW, LH, SV, JB, MS, NR, RK, FM, VP, KK, AS, FA, PdlR, SB, RB, JA, NH, VL, JT, HK, TG, BS, LdG, KC.

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