Paul Henman formula1 Turkish Grand Prix – Race

Turkish Grand Prix – Race

The provisional grid set yesterday: MW, LH, SV, JB, MS, NR, RK, FM, VP, KK, AS, FA, PdlR, SB, RB, JA, NH, VL, JT, HK, TG, BS, LdG, KC.

5 minutes before the race starts; the air temperature is 28°C; track 48°C; humidity 45%

LdG is starting from the pit lane instead of his P23 grid spot because of an oil leak.

The grid is cleared and MW leads everyone away on the formation lap

Virgin Cosworth mechanics are just finishing up working on LdG’s car

01/58 LH up to P2 in Turn 1
MS stole P4 from JB but the Englishman is fighting back
Contact further down the field
JB takes back P4 before Turn 12

02: MW, LH, SV, JB, MS, NR, RK, FM
AS passes KK into T1
NH & SB pit – from the damage, it looks like SB hit NH

03: Fastest lap MW 1:33.685
FA still down in P12
LH right on MW’s tail

04: LH f/lap 1:33.411

05/58: MW, LH, SV, JB, MS, NR, RK, FM
SV f/lap 1:33.280
Pit-car radio for NR: “Remember your F-duct”

06: LH f/lap 1:33.117

07: MW f/lap 1:32.905
FA can’t pass KK

09: BBC report that RB has told his team that there’s something loose on VL’s rear wing

10/58: MW, LH, SV, JB, MS, NR, RK, FM
MW f/lap 1:32.764

11: LH f/lap 1:32.422
LH under 0.5sec behind MW
KK & RB pit

12: FA pits from P12
Great on-board shots from FA’s stop – even though the pit lane speed seems quick, there’s a jolt as he releases the pit lane speed limiter and rejoins the circuit

13: LH f/lap 1:32.232
JB f/lap 1:32.224
VP, AS & PdlR (P8, 9 & 10) all pit
LH has a look at MW but decides not to try a risky pass

14: RK & FM pit from P7 & 8
RK exits his pit box just inches ahead of FM

15/58: SV pits from P3, followed by MS from P5
JB pushes hard to take advantage of the clean air

16: MW & LH pit from P1 & P2
JB f/lap 1:32.027
Not a great stop for LH – rejoins behind SV
Problem with the left rear wheel change cost LH a position

17: JB f/lap 1:32.018
SV f/lap 1:31.936
Pit-car for JB telling his team he’s losing rear grip; told to pit this lap

18: JB pits from P1 – cleaner stop than LH’s
SV f/lap 1:31.907
LH f/lap 1:31.534

19: LH takes a look SV into T12

20/58: MW, SV, LH, JB, MS, NR, RK, FM; no retirements so far
MW f/lap 1:31.499

21: LH f/lap 1:31.347
Tweet from @MikeGascoyne: Rain now definite and heavy for 15 mins, expected at 15.45
^ that’s about 8 minutes away

24: MW f/lap 1:31.148

25/58: MW, SV, LH, JB, MS, NR, RK, FM
BBC report that the mechanics are getting wet tyres ready

26: Pit-car for MS tell him the rain won’t be too heavy, maybe a couple of millimetres; team recommend intermediate tyres if/when it comes

27: SV f/lap 1:31.083

28: Well, it’s now 15:45 local time but no rain at the moment

29: MW f/lap 1:30.850
SV f/lap 1:30.824
Both Red Bulls just picked up their pace – anticipating a pit stop?
Rain update: 5 minutes away, say BBC

30/58: MW, SV, LH, JB, MS, NR, RK, FM
Air pressure is falling – it does seem like a storm is imminent
RB makes an easy pass on his teammate to take P16

31: BS & LdG battle over P22

32: JB f/lap 1:30.469
Sky seems to be darkening but BBC say it’s 8 minutes away and could last for about 20 mins

33: JB f/lap 1:30.349 – he’s 3.0 secs behind MW

34: JB f/lap 1:30.345
TG pits from P21

35/58: JT parks his Lotus
HK pits the other Lotus and is pushed into the garage
MW laps NH in P17

37: BBC report both JT & HK had hydraulic failures

38: SV f/lap 1:30.181
FA is trying to pass VP for P9 but he can’t find a way round

39: Still no rain

40/58: MW, SV, LH, JB, MS, NR, RK, FM; retirements: JT, HK
Spots of rain on the on-board cameras
SV hits MW and they’re both off!!!

41: Replay shows SV tried to pass MW, moved right slightly, hits his teammate and they both spin off!

42: MW managed to recover to P3 – there was a 30+ sec gap to MS

43: JB f/lap 1:29.895
MW pits from P3 – rejoins still ahead of MS

44: More rain on the on-board cameras

45/58: LH, JB, MW, MS, NR, RK, FM, VP; retirements: JT, HK, SV
SV & a Red Bull guy pushing reporters aside as SV storms back to the motor home

46: MS is still 8 secs behind MW even after MW’s accident & pit stop for a new nose cone

47: Media scrum around SV

48: And now the McLarens are at it! JB makes a move on LH in the same place that MW & SV came together! NOOOOO!!!
They’re fighting hard but giving each other just enough space

49: It took a few corners, but JB takes P1 away from his team mate
No, LH is back in front!

50/58: LH, JB, MW, MS, NR, RK, FM, VP
BS pits and retires

51: JA f/lap (!) 1:29.820
Ah, JA has fresh tyres

52: JA f/lap 1:29.535

53: Pit-car radio for JB tells him to conserve fuel (it’s “critical”!) and save tyres in Turn 8
FA tries to make a move on VP for P8 but VP holds his place

54: MW f/lap 1:29.211
FA has another look at VP
And another look – hits VP!
FA takes P8 as VP runs wide – damage to VP’s car – should be a penalty for FA

55/58: MW f/lap 1:29.195 but he’s still 22 secs behind JB

56: VP pits from P14 – still no word on a penalty for the Ferrari
KC pits & retires

57: PdlR taking a look at his teammate (KK) for P10

58/58 = final lap: JB still has a 21+ sec lead over MW

LH takes the chequered flag for his first win this season
JB over the line for a McLaren 1-2
MW home for P3
VP f/lap 1:29.165 but 1 lap down

Provisional result: P1=LH, 2=JB, 3=MW, 4=MS, 5=NR, 6=RK, 7=FM, 8=FA, 9=AS, 10=KK, 11=PdlR, 12=JA, 13=VL (+1 lap), 14=RB (+1), 15=VP (+1), 16=SB (+1), 17=NH (+1), 18=TG (+3), 19=LdG (+3), 20=KC (+6)

Still no mention of the stewards investigating FA hitting VP and costing him P8 🙁

It’ll be interesting to hear what MW & SV have to say!

What is that on Lewis’ chin? Ugh!
3 Union Flags on the podium … OK, 1 is in the corner of the Australian flag 🙂
MW seems to be eyeing the top step and thinking “if only”

LH says JB’s pass was “unexpected”
JB: “I had to have a go” 🙂 “We were a little worried” about fuel
While Jenson’s talking, MW demonstrates SV hitting him!
MW: “Looked like he turned right and we made contact”; “not an ideal day”; he’s struggling to find a political answer to some of the questions

Questions they should have asked: When did Lewis get his ears pierced? And is he wearing eye liner?

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