Paul Henman formula1 Canadian Grand Prix – Qualifying

Canadian Grand Prix – Qualifying

The Montreal circuit is dry but the drivers have been complaining that the track is too slippery. Lap times are about 3 seconds slower than when they were here 2 years ago.

KC has a 5 grid spot penalty waiting for him after a gearbox change.

Qualifying session 1 (Q1):
TG is first out of the pits
TG 1:21.587
VP 1:20.210
VP locks up and flat-spots his front left tyre
JT 1:19.896
(RB P3)
(TG P2)
JA 1:18.680
AS 1:18.143
VP 1:17.883
FA 1:17.864
AS 1:17.702
NH 1:17.322
FA 1:17.255
VP 1:17.203
MW 1:17.102
VL 1:17.086
LH 1:16.614
(JB P2)
10 mins gone = halfway through Q1
FA 1:16.304
LH 1:15.889 — first to go under 1:16 this weekend
(SV P2)
5mins left; bottom 7 are KK, HK, JT, TG, BS, LDG & KC
(HK P18)
(LDG P22)
1min left
(BS P22)
Chequered flag falls – current laps count
(KK P18)
Back of the grid will be: P18=KK, 19=HK, 20=JT, 21=TG, 22=BS, 23=LDG, 24=KC*
KC’s 5 grid spot penalty can’t drop him any further back

Qualifying session 2 (Q2):
VP waits at the pit lane exit … lights turn green
VP 1:23.526
FM 1:22.940
NH 1:22.484
VL 1:17.726
(FA P2)
(RB P2)
MW 1:16.292
SV 1:16.163
LH 1:16.053
FA 1:15.954
RK 1:15.682
SV 1:15.556
5mins gone = 10mins left of Q2
NR hits the kerbs hard in the final chicane but manages to stay out of the wall
LH 1:15.528
NR gets his entry to the final chicane wrong, heads for the pit lane and almost collects a Renault
5mins left; bottom 7 are VL, RB, VP, JA, SB, PdlR, NH
(SB P12)
(NH P11)
90 seconds left of Q2
(VL P9 – relegates JB to P10 and MS to P11)
(MS P10)
(JB P7, pushing MS back down to P11)
Chequered flag
(VL P8)
(NH P11)
MS cut the final chicane and can’t improve on P12
(RB P11)
Middle of the grid will be: P11=RB, 12=NH, 13=MS, 14=VP, 15=SB, 16=JA, 17=PdlR

Qualifying session 3 (Q3):
JB and LH are first out of the pits
JB 1:16.432
LH 1:15.500
(FA P3)
(MW P4)
(SV P5)
(FA P2)
(MW P2)
(VL P6)
3mins left of Q3
(NR P7)
(FA P2)
(FM P4)
SV over-cooks it and cuts the final chicane
FA 1:15.435
MW 1:15.373
1min left; order is MW, FA, LH, JB, RK, SV, FM, NR, VL, AS
Chequered flag
(JB P4)
(SV P2)
LH 1:15.105
LH is told to stop on track because there’s not enough fuel to get back to the pits and still have enough left for the FIA inspection.
Instead, LH turns the engine off and pushes it!
I wonder if the FIA will have something to say about LH taking off his safety belts and being low on fuel?

Provisional grid: LH, MW, SV, FA, JB, VL, FM, RK, AS, NR, RB, NH, MS, VP, SB, JA, PdlR, KK, HK, JT, TG, BS, LDG, KC

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