Paul Henman formula1 Hungarian Grand Prix – Qualifying

Hungarian Grand Prix – Qualifying

Looks like Red Bull are strong again, with Webber half a second ahead of Vettel in final practice but SV was fastest in both of yesterday’s sessions.

Air temperature 26°C, track 41°C; wind 1.1m/s; humidity 57%

Qualifying session 1 (Q1)
Lights turn green but no rush to get on track
VP is first out of the pit lane
VP posts the first time 1:23.386
(RK P2)
Just FM & SB still in the pits
(NH P3)
(JA P2)
(MW P2) – he posted 1:19.574 in the final practice session
5mins in to Q1 = 15 mins left
RK 1:22.309
SV 1:21.360
(MW P2)
(FA P2)
LH fighting to keep his McLaren on track
(LH P2)
MW 1:21.132
Halfway through Q1; bottom 7 are JA, JT, HK, TG, LDG, BS, SY
FA fastest in Sector 1 but finishes the lap in P5
(JB only manages P12)
(FM P2)
SV 1:20.417
(JA jumps to P8, relegating AS to P18)
5mins left of Q1; fairly quiet on track as they prepare for their final runs
LH & JB leaving the pits on new option (super soft) tyres
3mins left; bottom 7 are AS, JT, HK, TG, LDG, BS, SY
(AS to P11 moving SB to P18)
(SB to P12, which means MS is now P18)
MS fighting the Mercedes car around the circuit; on new options, as is his teammate
(MS to P12, pushing JB to P18)
(JB P7; KK=P18)
Chequered flag = just the current laps count
KK enters the pits instead of completing his lap – replay shows he was slowed up by BS
So the back of the grid will be: P18=KK, 19=TG, 20=HK, 21=JT, 22=LDG, 23=BS, 24=SY

Apparently KK ignored a request to pull in to the scrutineering area at the end of Q1, so expect a penalty for him.

Qualifying session 2 (Q2)
FM keen to get on track
Followed by JA, LH & FA
FM 1:21.417
(JA P2)
FA 1:21.010
MW 1:20.235
SV 1:19.866 – first to break 1:20 in Qualifying today
SV 1:19.573
(FA P3)
LH runs wide in Turn 11 and heads to the pits (he’s in P6)
Official TV feed shows a slow motion close-up of the Red Bull front wing compared to the McLaren & Ferrari wings; apparently it’s legal but the other teams aren’t convinced
5mins left; bottom 7 are NH, PdlR, AS, MS, VL, JA, SB
(SB P15)
3mins left; time for the final flying laps
SV on track – seems unnecessary but maybe he’s testing something
NH run very wide T11 and barely keeps it out of the wall
MW 1:19.531 taking P1 from his Red Bull teammate
(NH P9)
Chequered flag
(PdlR P9 – that pushes JB to P11!)
(VP P4)
(JB can’t improve on P11 and he’s out of qualifying)
Middle of the grid: P11=JB, 12=RB, 13=AS, 14=MS, 15=SB, 16=VL, 17=JA
Replay of JB’s final lap includes pit-car radio of him saying he can’t feel the grip

Qualifying session 3 (Q3)
Battling for the top 10 grid spots are MW, SV, FA, VP, NR, FM, RK, LH, PdlR & NH
Lights turn green and FA is straight onto the track
FA 1:19.987
(FM P2)
(NH P3)
(NR P3)
(LH P3)
MW 1:19.184
5mins gone = halfway through Q3; no time yet for SV, VP, RK & PdlR
SV 1:18.773 – that’s 1.2sec faster than FA in P3
PdlR sets off on his one and only timed lap
Looks like the mechanics are struggling to get the starter off the back of SV’s car
90secs left of Q3; will SV be able to start a flying lap before the flag?
(PdlR P7)
(VP P8)
Chequered flag – final push
(NR P6)
(MW doesn’t improve on P2)
(VP P7)
SV was ahead of his best time but backed off
Another all-Red Bull front row

Provisional grid: SV, MW, FA, FM, LH, NR, VP, RK, PdlR, NH, JB, RB, AS, MS, SB, VL, JA, KK, TG, HK, JT, LdG, BS, SY.

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