Paul Henman formula1 Singapore Grand Prix – Qualifying

Singapore Grand Prix – Qualifying

I was on a workshop over the weekend but I’ve managed to avoid all Formula One news so I’m just watching Qualifying now, with no idea of how it’ll go 🙂

Singapore is a night race and it rained earlier in the day so there are still damp patches around the circuit.

Christian Klien is replacing Yamamoto this weekend but the team are adamant SY will be back in the car for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, over at BMW Sauber, Pedro de la Rosa has been replaced by Nick Heidfeld (I’m already using NH for Hulkenberg, so Heidfeld will be NHe and I’ll try to use NHu for Hulkenberg).

Qualifying Session 1 (Q1)
MS puts the Mercedes sideways as he hits a damp patch in Turn 4
VL 1:50.223
(MS P2)
(VP P2)
(TG P2)
LH 1:48.454
(KK P2)
JB 1:48.254
BS hits the kerb too hard and struggles to stay out of the wall
(SV P2)
FA 1:47.623
(JA P2)
SV 1:47.303
Yellow flag – FM’s Ferrari is stopped on the inside of a corner
SV 1:46.960
FM jumps out of the Ferrari
Red flag – Q1 stopped with 10:35 on the clock
FM hadn’t set a lap time, so he’ll start the race right at the back of the grid
While we wait for the restart, the order is: SV, FA, MW, JB, JA, LH, MS, NR, NHe, VL, KK, VP, SB, TG, HK, JT, LDG, CK, BS, FM, RB, NHu
NHu waits at the pit lane exit … and the lights turn green – he needs to qualify well because he’s got a 5 grid spot penalty awaiting him for a gearbox change
MS is out of the Mercedes – must be a problem because there’s still 8+ mins left of Q1
FA 1:46.541
3mins left; bottom 7 are JT, TG, HK, LDG, CK, BS, FM
BS has spun it at Turn 4; takes a moment then spins it back the right way
Chequered flag falls to end Q1
Back of the grid will be: TG, HK, LdG, JT, CK, BS, FM
No word from Ferrari as to the cause of FM’s problem

Qualifying Session 2 (Q)
FA complaining about the Ferrari’s engine mapping on his out lap
VL gets it wrong into the chicane and takes the long way round the last part
VP 1:48.165
JA 1:47.666
Pit-car radio for FA telling him to pit so they can re-program the engine mappings; FA says he wants to put in a banker lap before he comes in
RK 1:46.949
VP has spun and clouts his right rear wheel into the wall
SV 1:46.485
LH 1:46.042 – fastest ever lap of the Singapore F1 circuit
FA is in the pits – he’s out of the garage again a minute or so later
5mins left; order is LH, SV, JB, NR, RK, RB, MW, FA, JA, VP, SB, KK, AS, NHe, NHu, VL, MS
Pit-car from FA saying the car’s OK now
FA 1:45.809 – yes, I guess the Ferrari’s OK now 🙂
SV 1:45.561
Chequered flag; bottom 7 are JA, NHu, VP, SB, NHe, AS, VL

Qualifying Session 3 (Q3)
Battling for the top 10 grid spots are: SV, FA, MW, LH, JB, NR, RK, RB, MS & KK
The McLarens head the queue at the pit lane exit
JB 1:46.185
LH 1:45.571
FA 1:45.390
(NR P4)
(MS P5)
(SV P5)
(MW P3)
(RB P5)
Time for everyone to pit for new tyres
4mins left; order is FA, LH, MW, JB, RB, NR, SV, MS, RK*, KK* (*no lap time yet)
2:30 left and it’s a scramble to get back on track in time to set a final flying lap; JB is the last of the 10 drivers to leave the pits
(KK P9)
Chequered flag
(SV P2)
FA doesn’t improve his P1 time
LH doesn’t improve … nor does MW
(JB P4)
So the front of the grid: FA, SV, LH, JB, MW, RB, NR, RK, MS, KK

Provisional grid: FA, SV, LH, JB, MW, RB, NR, RK, MS, KK, JA, [NHu*] VP, SB, NHe, AS, VL, NHu, TG, HK, LdG, JT, CK, BS, FM
*Hulkenberg received a 5 grid spot penalty for a gearbox change

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