Paul Henman formula1 Singapore Grand Prix – Race

Singapore Grand Prix – Race

As I mentioned in my notes from Qualifying, I was on a workshop over the weekend but I’ve managed to avoid all Formula One news so I’m finally watching the race.

Provisional grid: FA, SV, LH, JB, MW, RB, NR, RK, MS, KK, JA, [NHu*] VP, SB, NHe, AS, VL, NHu, TG, HK, LdG, JT, CK, BS, FM
*Hulkenberg received a 5 grid spot penalty for a gearbox change

JA is in the pits following a water leak, so he’ll start from the pit lane instead of P11

FA leads everyone (except JA) around on the formation lap
The good news is that it didn’t rain in the afternoon so the track isn’t damp like it was in Qualifying

01/61: FA squeezes SV
Cleanly off the grid
NHe has damaged his front wing

02: FA, SV, LH, JB, MW, NR, RK, RB, MS, VP
FM pits – mandatory pit stop out of the way
NHe in the pits for a new front wing
VL has broken his rear suspension; he’s parked the Force India off to the side of the track

03: FA fastest lap 1:54.285 but there were yellow flags
Safety Car deployed; pit crews scramble to get ready
NHe in the pits again

04[SC]: MW pits, as do many others but none of the front few runners
Replay shows NHe run into the back of one Force India, damage his front right, then get hit by the other Force India

05[SC]: Pit-car radio reminder for SV about the 10 car length rule

06[SC]: SC in at the end of this lap
Pit-car radio for MW saying it’s frustrating now but their tyre strategy will work out
SC pulls into the pit lane

07: Contact between KK and MS?
TG lets MW through quite easily
JT going slowly – left rear puncture

08: MW makes a good move on KK – takes P9
Contact between VP and NHu?
JT pits

09: Replay shows NHu down the inside of VP – ran out of room and they collided – stewards to investigate?
Pit-car from NHu complaining he’s sliding around – team say it’s the same for everyone

10/61: FA, SV, LH, JB, NR, RK, RB, MS, MW, KK; retirements: VL

12: FA f/lap 1:52.625
Pit-car radio telling SV to cool his brakes
MW flies past MS for P6 – very nice!

13: FA f/lap 1:52.160

14: NHu runs wide but retains P13

15/61: FA, SV, LH, JB, NR, RK, RB, MW, MS, KK

16: AS takes P11 from TG

17: NHu turns up his engine and squeezes TG to steal P12
FM passes TG too
Replay shows TG straddled the kerb and lost a few places

18: NHe under investigation for the incident with a Force India way back on lap 1

20/61: FA, SV, LH, JB, NR, RK, RB, MW, MS, KK; retirements: VL

22: Pit-car for MW says “mix 5; have a go at Barrichello”

23: MW almost loses the car under braking – he’s pushing RB hard for P7

24: Pit-car for LH tell him he needs to find 0.3-0.5sec
LH laps BS

25/61: FA, SV, LH, JB, NR, RK, RB, MW, MS, KK; retirements: VL
FA has a 3.5sec lead over SV

26: KK still all over the rear of MS, harrying him for P9

27: BBC report that Ferrari say FA is pushing very hard, and yet SV said a couple a laps ago that he wasn’t pushing at all
BBC say McLaren should pit both cars for new tyres, but I wonder if they’re hanging on hoping for another safety car

28: MW right on the gearbox of RB, chasing him for P7
JT is in the Lotus garage – team’s working hard to get him back on track

29: LH pits from P3 – long, slow pit lane – 4.4s stop – rejoins in P8, behind MW

30/61: FA pits, followed by SV – bit of a stutter from the Red Bull as SV leaves the box – leave the pit lane in the same order
JB pits too – 3.7sec stop – that was quick!

31: Replay of MS and KK passing a back marker – MS tried to squeeze KK but instead MS slams the wall with his rear left wheel
Pit-car for MS tell him to check out the car because they’re not sure of the rear suspension

32: KK stuffs it in the wall … and BS hits him – surely that should be a red flag straight away?
Safety car deployed
No sign of any marshalls … yep, still no marhsalls …. yet again massive FAIL for foreign marshalls … still no sign of them!

33[SC]: RK & RB pit
Pit-car from LH – can’t get his drink bottle to work – the drivers lose a lot of fluid during the race, so hopefully they fix this soon

34[SC]: CK pushed into the garage

35[SC]: BBC think SV may have tried to leave the pit box in second gear
Given the safety car periods, it’s unlikely this race will go full distance – 2 hour limit will kick in first
Light off on the SC – in at the end of this lap
Slippery track warning flag displayed at the corner where KK & BS crashed – did one of them drop some oil?

36: Green flags
LH alongside MW – LH ahead into the corner but he’s on the outside – MW hits LH and pushes him over the kerb
LH out!
LH throws the steering wheel – he’s furious
The stewards should investigate, but it could just be a racing incident

37: Pit-car for MW says the front suspension is fine
MS has broken his front wing – sparking his way as he cuts the chicane
Replay shows MS shove NHe sideways into the wall

38: MS pits for new nose cone

39: FA has a 2sec lead over SV, who has a 6sec lead over MW

40/61: FA, SV, MW, JB, NR, RK, RB, AS, NHu, FM; retirements: NHe, LH, CK, KK, BS, JT, VL
Incident involving cars 3 and 22 under investigation by the stewards

41: Pit-car for JB saying pace is good; MW’s tyres are old and he’s starting to struggle

44: NHu runs a little wide and FM is all over his gearbox

45/61: SV f/lap 1:48.920
BBC confirm FA is on full revs etc and they’re telling him to push as much as possible

46: RK pits from P6 – 2nd stop – back onto the harder tyre

47: FA f/lap 1:48.867
Incident involving cars 2 and 6 (LH & MW) – no further action

49: BBC report RK had a puncture
RK is all over the rear of SB – he’ll take

50/61: FA, SV, MW, JB, NR, RB, AS, NHu, FM, VP; retirements: NHe, LH, CK, KK, BS, JT, VL

51: RK still pushing SB
No further action in the MS/NHe incident

52: RK makes his move – SB backs off and hands over P11
TG pits and retires in the garage

53: RK steams down the inside of his teammate – VP hands over P10
SB pit stop #3 – looks like they had to top up something

54: RK is now on the tail of FM … and straight past him for P9
RK has caught NHu

55/61: RK takes the inside line and steal P8 from NHu

56: Now RK lines up AS … almost a repeat of LH’s move on MW but this time AS yields and RK takes P7

57: FA, SV, MW, JB, NR, RB, RK, AS, NHu, FM
MS pulls aside to lead the leaders through 🙂
Just 9 minutes left until the 2 hour limit, so we should just finish the race distance

58: Pit-car for SV reminding him not to over-drive it

59: SV under 1sec behind FA but he’s not going to be able to attack
SB looks down the inside of HK – HK spins – SB avoids him

60/61: FA, SV, MW, JB, NR, RB, RK, AS, NHu, FM
HK’s engine’s on fire – he’s heading back to the pits – hope he’s not dropping oil
Fire’s really taken hold of the Lotus!
HK doesn’t enter the pits – he’s crawling along by the pit wall, but the car’s ablaze!
HK’s out the car – grabs a fire extinguisher from someone on the pit wall and puts out his own car
No marshalls in sight, but then he’s the wrong side of the track for them

61/61 = final lap: SV pushing FA for P1
VP pulls off line to let the front runners through
FA just staying ahead of SV

FA takes the chequered flag
SV is just feet behind
MW home for P3 – stays ahead in the drivers’ championship
P4=JB, 5=NR, 6=RB, 7=RK, 8=AS, 9=NHu, 10=FM
11=VP (+1), 12=JA, 13=MS, 14=SB, 15=LdG (+2) , 16=HK (+3)

FA: difficult to manage the gap; didn’t take any risks
SV: made a little mistake in the [pit] stop; difficult to overtake here; car was quick all weekend; drivers’ championship is still open
MW: …PVR recording ended! 🙁

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  1. Drivers’ Championship:

    1 Aus M Webber 202
    2 Spa F Alonso 191
    3 GB L Hamilton 182
    4 Ger S Vettel 181
    5 GB J Button 177
    6 Brz F Massa 128
    7 Ger N Rosberg 122
    8 Pol R Kubica 114
    9 Ger A Sutil 47
    10 Ger M Schumacher 46

    Constructors’ Championship:

    1 Red Bull-Renault 383
    2 McLaren-Mercedes 359
    3 Ferrari 319
    4 Mercedes GP 168
    5 Renault 133
    6 Force India-Mercedes 60
    7 Williams-Cosworth 56
    8 BMW Sauber-Ferrari 27
    9 Toro Rosso-Ferrari 10
    10 Lotus-Cosworth 0
    11 Virgin-Cosworth 0
    12 Hispania-Cosworth 0

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