I’m relieved to see this blog is still up – a couple of my domains need to be renewed this month, so this morning I decided to move a few “stragglers” from to (I have no problem with cadns – it’s just the majority of my domains are registered with namecheap), and while I was out this afternoon I got an email saying the transfers were done … and then it dawned on me that I might need to reconfigure them. Fortunately that wasn’t the case –,, and are all still fully functional. Phew!

2 thoughts on “Phew”

  1. Looks like a new config problem: only my latest blog post is visible!?!
    No, other pages/posts are accessible – it’s just that the default view is the latest post and not the main page. Ought to be a WP config item but it all looks correct. redirects to this post … why????
    If I turn off ALL the plugins it works correctly, so it’s one (or more?) of the plugins … and after a little testing, it turns out the culprit is the Redirection plugin, which is now disabled.
    OK, normal service has now been resumed 🙂

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