Paul Henman photo Photo updates, April 2011

Photo updates, April 2011

Since March I’ve been out with Toronto Photo Walks a few times, Ontario Walks twice and had a long weekend (including 3 day concert) in Montreal! However May is starting off at a hectic pace, hence this “monthly” update being a bit late – I still have quite a few photos from April that I haven’t had a chance to post yet.

Don’t forget to check out what Flickr calls my “most interesting” photos and my other albums, as well as my monthly round up posts.

If you’ve only got time to look at one or two photos, check out my “best of” photoblog @ – I only post one picture per week (sometimes less!), so I try to pick a recent shot that I really like.

And if you’re interested in exploring Toronto with your camera, check out (we’re on Flickr and Facebook too!).

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  1. I’ve finally posted my photos from the Toronto Photo Walks event which started at Henry’s (April 30th) and updated this post.

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