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Photo workshops

As you may have seen in previous posts or via my photos, I’ve been on a couple of photography workshops – Chris Marquardt‘s urban photography workshop in Toronto in 2010 and 2011. They were great fun and I learned a lot (and continue to practice!), so I’d thoroughly recommend everyone check out his upcoming workshops. In fact, go to the page for the 2012 Toronto urban workshop watch the video 🙂

I’m thinking about signing up for Chris’ Vancouver workshop next year, or maybe I should hold off until the Japan workshop in 2013. One friend of mine is doing a photojournalism workshop in Cuba with Gary Knight this month, and another is off to Japan with Martin Bailey in February.

Of course, as well as formal workshops, my other main sources of info are podcasts and actually (trying to) put it in to practice with the Toronto Photo Walks group. 🙂

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