Paul Henman formula1 British Grand Prix – Practice

British Grand Prix – Practice

It’s the wettest summer since records began, so it’s no surprise that it’s pouring down for Practice at Silverstone. It’s expected to rain all weekend, so the teams will need to get find a wet set-up ready for race day.

It’s nice to see some of the drivers sporting the logo of Marussia test driver Maria de Villota. [accident update]

FA heads the Drivers’ Championship – I posted the latest standings a few days ago.

My GridBids picks for this weekend are: JB, FA, LH, SV, NH, VP, PdR & DR.

Don’t forget there are penalties waiting for KK, JV and PM.

Practice 1
Lots of splashing through puddles and off-track excursions
RG was fastest (1:56.552) followed by DR, LH, SP, FM, MW, KK, MS

Practice 2
A few drivers put in an installation lap but it’s very quiet on track
BS 2:10.215
30 minutes in to FP2 and only BS and TG have put in a lap time
Official weather forecast says the rain may ease off with about 40 minutes left of FP2
45mins through FP2 = halfway through the session
KK is braving the elements; he’s on the blue-banded full wet tyres
KK 2:04.198; 159mph through the speed trap
FM is tip-toeing around on green-banded intermediate wets – that’s brave … or maybe foolish
KK 1:50.894
BS off – he’s slammed the Williams into an unprotected wall (i.e. it’s armco, not a tyre wall)
Red flag; session paused but clock’s still ticking down (just over 30mins left when the red flags came out)
Replay shows BS aquaplaned off at Chapel – he was trying to turn left but the car slid off to the right, the outside of the turn, which is why the wall isn’t protected with tyres
Session restarts with just over 20mins left of FP2
KK 1:57.613
FA out on inters
On-board camera shows LH making adjustments via his steering wheel as he slides through a corner
15mins left of FP2; only 15 drivers have set a time so far
LH 1:56.345
More cars on track means even more spray being thrown up
10mins left
Marussia on full wets pass Red Bull on inters – I think that proves which is the right compound
Chequered flag ends FP2
FA spins and loses his front wing on the wall
LH fastest (1:56.345) followed by KK, MS, NR, SP, JB, HK, KR.

BBC reports: “Fans have been turned away from the British Grand Prix qualifying as up to 30,000 ticket holders were urged not to attend due to muddy conditions.”

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