Paul Henman admin,twitter Spurious “Lifestream Event” tweets

Spurious “Lifestream Event” tweets

If you’re wondering about the “Lifestream Event” tweets which keep appearing in my Twitter stream … well, so am I! I don’t know what’s causing them; it’s not a new plugin (because they’ve not changed in weeks); I thought it might be a problem with it polling for Google+ updates, so I’ve disabled that feed but I’ve just seen another tweet. I’ll keep trying to debug this but if anyone has tracked down this problem please let me know.

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  1. I’ve tried changing my Twitter password, but it’s still happening.

    I’ve also de-authorised a number of apps which had permission to access my Twitter stream, and that’s not fixed it either.

    Still bemused! 🙁

  2. that’s funny, i just googled “lifestream event” because i wondered what it all meant, and this was one of the top search results. ha!

  3. Just over a day since I disabled the plugin and no new “event” in my Twitter stream; meanwhile another blog where I’ve left the plugin enabled has seen 2 “event” tweets. I think I might be on the right track.

    Update: 2 days; 0 in this blog/Twitter stream, but 3 in the other.

  4. Another update: 5 days; 0 in this blog/Twitter stream, but 8 in the other; I think I’ve found the culprit.

    Lifestream plugin is now deactivated in both blogs; if I don’t see any more spurious tweets over the next few days, then that plugin is gone for good and I’ll be looking for an alternative plugin.

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