Paul Henman admin,formula1,photo,review of the year Where are all the updates?

Where are all the updates?

I haven’t posted anything since early December because we’ve been focused on moving home. That’s not finished but I have been able to find time for a little photography and so on, so it’s time to get back in the rhythm of updating this site.

Here’s a quick round up of my regular topics:

  • photography: I can’t believe I haven’t posted any shots since September! According to my photo catalogue I didn’t make any pictures in October so I need to post November’s summary (the shots are on Flickr already) but there won’t be any after that until I can find my NAS! (The Network Attached Storage device contains all my files and it’s still in a box somewhere.)
  • Formula 1: fortunately it’s been the off-season so nothing much has happened since my last F1 post … other than the teams announcing their new designs and then pre-season testing starting. The first race is a few weeks away (March 16th in Australia) so I’ve got time to catch up 🙂

Well that is pretty much everything I post about here, so I guess that’s me done for now – I’m off to empty some more boxes and hopefully find my NAS.

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