Paul Henman blogging,twitter Reducing the echo

Reducing the echo

I’ve just upgraded to TweetDeck v0.24.2b* and it now has the option to post to Facebook as well as (or instead of) Twitter, which means I no longer need to have my tweets auto-echo as my Facebook status.

[*You can get v0.24.2b here – it’s still “pre-release” but I’ve not seen any problems. Get it while it’s hot!]

Obviously you can still see my tweets in the “Lifestream” on my blog, but why not follow me on Twitter @ I’ll continue to use Twitter for the mini-updates and posting small updates (usually links to videos etc.) to Facebook; again, FB updates will be in my Lifestream but (if you know me) you can friend me.

You can find links to my various online profiles at – there are also links to my “work” blog (currently just my résumé and summary) and Kerri’s blog.

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