Reducing the echo

I’ve just upgraded to TweetDeck v0.24.2b* and it now has the option to post to Facebook as well as (or instead of) Twitter, which means I no longer need to have my tweets auto-echo as my Facebook status.

[*You can get v0.24.2b here – it’s still “pre-release” but I’ve not seen any problems. Get it while it’s hot!]

Obviously you can still see my tweets in the “Lifestream” on my blog, but why not follow me on Twitter @ I’ll continue to use Twitter for the mini-updates and posting small updates (usually links to videos etc.) to Facebook; again, FB updates will be in my Lifestream but (if you know me) you can friend me.

You can find links to my various online profiles at – there are also links to my “work” blog (currently just my résumé and summary) and Kerri’s blog.


New blog layoutNew blog layout

I’ve dropped the “life stream” focused Agregado theme in favour of MistyLook, mainly because I’m refocusing my blog away from simply aggregating my other feeds. (The “life stream” is still there but it’s been relegated