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I haven’t blogged about Agile very much (compared to photography and Formula One) but that might change soon. In the meantime, I’ve been reviewing some bookmarks I’d filed under “Agile-related stuff I ought to check out some time” (OK, it’s just called “later” but that’s what it means) and either adding them to or just deleting them; if they’re added to and tagged as Agile then they’ll magically re-appear on my Agile Resources page on my résumé site. On that site I’ve also created a list of Agile-related podcasts and books, so there’s plenty of opportunity for people (me included) to continue to expand our knowledge.



I was explaining “YAGNI” (You Aren’t Gonna Need It) to someone recently and I wanted to send them an XKCD cartoon which I think sums it up, but I couldn’t

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The “tagline” for this blog says “Englishman living in Canada; photographer; Scrum Master / Agile coach; badminton player; Formula One (F1) fan”, so maybe I should expand a little on