Paul Henman formula1 F1 calendar, 2020

F1 calendar, 2020

The new season kicks off in Australia, as usual, in just under a month. Woot!
It’s a 22-race calendar (one less than 2019), running right through to the end of November … which is actually a few days earlier than last year.

Race Day Grand Prix Quali Standings
Mar15 Australia*
Mar22 Bahrain*
Apr05 Vietnam*
Apr19 China*
May03 Netherlands*
May10 Spain*
May24 Monaco*
Jun07 Azerbaijan*
Jun14 Canada*
Jun28 France*
Jul05 Austria
Jul19 Great Britain
Aug02 Hungary
Aug30 Belgium
Sep06 Italy
Sep20 Singapore*
Sep27 Russia
Oct11 Japan*
Oct25 United States
Nov01 Mexico
Nov15 Brazil
Nov29 Abu Dhabi

*Note: Cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19; see my F1 Calendar Changes post for more details.

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