MacOS screenshot naming format has changed

I noticed recently that the naming format of screenshots in Dropbox has changed: the old format was “Screenshot 2020-08-01 08.33.15.png” but now it’s “Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 6.58.02 AM.png”. Not then end of the world, I know, but annoying because my Screenshots folder is no longer sorted properly.

Remembering there had been an update to Dropbox recently, I assumed that was the cause and contacted @DropboxSupport but they said it’s a macOS problem!? They pointed me at a Dropbox forum discussion which described the same problem I’m seeing, and it pointed to a thread on StackExchange, which is where I found a partial fix:

System Preferences → Language & Region, then click Advanced…, choose the Times tab and for the Medium format click the hour dropdown and switch it from 1-12 to 00-23 and delete the AM/PM element

(I also deleted the trailing space)

OK, so now my screenshots are named “Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 21.17.19.png” – but they still aren’t sorting correctly because older screenshots don’t have a space in the leading text. While I continued looking for the full solution, I threw together a quick script to fix the format of files in ~/Dropbox/Screenshots – good enough for now.

I had a look at the Apple discussion forum but didn’t see anything similar, so I started a new thread and by the following morning I had a reply:

My located in ~/Library/Preferences contains the following key that changes the Screen Shot text to Screenshot:


I don’t know how to remove the at text.

I couldn’t find which service I need to restart so I just rebooted.

Update: there’s a simpler way to do this!
$ defaults write name "Screenshot"
$ killall SystemUIServer

Well, now my screenshots look like “Screenshot 2020-08-22 at 10.18.35.png” – so close!

Latest: I’ve not found a way to remove “at” from the middle of the screenshot’s name so I run a script to sed out that string.