Paul Henman twitter You’ll be pleased to hear

You’ll be pleased to hear

I’ve turned off the Daily Digest in Twitter Tools, so you won’t see a “Twitter Updates for (date)” post each day. The individual “tweets” will still appear in the “Find me Elsewhere” section, but the daily digest is drowning my real posts … as few and far between as they are.

I still use Twitter more than anything else, but it’s time I got back into blogging; I do occasionally post to my LiveJournal so instead I’ll post those here and have it replicate on LJ.

Don’t forget there’s also my photoblog @ – it’s a “best of” taken from my Flickr photos.

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  1. I could have written this post in my own blog, only I’m keeping the Twitter Tools plugin for now because it provides filler for my blog. Of course, the plugin is linked to @Cdnfoodgirl, which gets 3 or less tweets per day and fewer than 10 per week.

    There’s too many blogs/microblogs/etc. to update these days, + trying to have a life rather than just blogging about it. Oh my. It’s web 2.0 fatigue.

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