I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, but I do tend to set myself some goals; unfortunately I didn’t achieve my main goal for 2009 (“find a job”) so it’s clearly still top of my list for 2010. Other than that, I want to continue improving my photography skills.

So what am I doing in order to meet those goals?

  1. Find a job
    I’m still checking the job boards; I’ve been going to all sorts of geek meetups (e.g. XP Toronto group, DemoCamp) and continue trying to grow my network; I’m going to review my (work) website and see if it needs tweaking – I know I need to post there more often; I’ve also got a couple of leads that I’ll follow up with next week. I’m not sure what I need to do differently though: this strategy got me close to job offers a few times last year, but I need to change something in order to increase the number of “near misses” and hopefully one of them will become my new job.
    [My work blog and résumé] [My LinkedIn profile]

  2. Improve my photography skills
    I’ve signed up for a workshop in September; I created Toronto Photo Walks recently (which means getting out and shooting at least once a month); I’m going to gather up the courage and actually exhibit some of my photos, as well as submit them to some of the critique groups on Flickr; I also need to look at my workflow and commit to a photo management/editing tool (currently I do everything in Flickr & Picnik). Oh, and enter more photo competitions.
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That’s it – just two goals for 2010, but they are pretty challenging ones. I’ll be very happy when I succeed at them, and once I have a job I’ll have more time (and money) to do other things and maybe add some more goals.

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  1. Lisa’s “10 New Years Resolutions Every Photographer should make” reads like a breakdown of my photography goal for 2010!

    1. I will learn how to use my camera.
    I make a point of re-reading my manual every so often, and there’s usually something I’ve not seen/used/understood before.

    2. I will not use the Auto setting on my camera.
    I’ve used Av (aperture priority) pretty much since I got the camera, but I want to venture into M (manual) territory this year.

    3. I will not use on-camera flash.
    I hate using it but just once in a while (like the recent Hak5 meetup), even with my 50mm f/1.4 lens – the alternative was not getting the shot, so I caved.

    4. I will not be hindered by the gear I do not have.
    Even though I have a wishlist, I know it’s not about the hardware.

    5. I will shoot in RAW.
    Already started on this 🙂 I used to shoot both JPG+RAW but now (since yesterday!) I’m RAW only.

    6. I will learn how to process my shots.
    Another “since yesterday” for me 🙂

    7. I will share my photos with others on the web.
    I already post my photos on Flickr but I want to submit them to more Flickr Groups to spread their exposure.

    8. I will accept critiques of my work.
    Not only accept but seek out; yup.

    9. I will set goals and be proactive about my photography career.
    Not sure if “career” is the right word but I definitely want to be more “serious” about my photography including at least one gallery exhibition.

    10. I will connect with other photographers.
    I’ve been meeting up with the local Flickr group regularly for ~18 months but I’ve recently created the Toronto Photo Walks group.

    So yeah, that’s a pretty good breakdown of my Goal #2 🙂

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