Paul Henman formula1 Australia is on, off, on again

Australia is on, off, on again

My post with the new F1 season’s calendar, teams and drivers has only been up an hour or so and I’ve already read a rumour that some teams may boycott the Australian Grand Prix! reports:

It’s understood that at a meeting at Formula One Management’s Knightsbridge HQ last week, Ron Dennis and Flavio Briatore both threatened that unless Bernie Ecclestone wrote a cheque for outstanding monies, their teams would not fly out to Australia for the season opener. Furthermore, they warned that other members of FOTA would follow suit.

However, the poison dwarf is a master of brinkmanship and called their bluff:

“I picked up the phone to our people that handle all the freight to ask them to cancel the aeroplanes,” said Ecclestone. “They were saying, ‘all the Fota-schmota are not going – nobody’s going to go.’ So I said what I’d better do is cancel the aircraft obviously. It costs a fortune to charter those things and almost as much to cancel them.”

Bernie called their bluff and won. Again.

I really don’t understand how the team owners put up with the Machiavellian management. If Bernie was so vehemently anti-Ferrari (imagine swapping his attitude toward Ferrari and McLaren) I’m sure he would have met with an unfortunate accident by now!

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