Paul Henman formula1 No victory in Australian Grand Prix?

No victory in Australian Grand Prix?

We haven’t even made it to the practice session for this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix but we already know that whoever takes the chequered flag won’t be sure of their victory for another week!

BMW, Ferrari, Renault and Red Bull have registered protests against the diffuser used by the Brawn, Toyota and Williams teams. The race stewards have rejected their claim but the protesting teams have appealed and this will be heard after 5 April, following next weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix.

Yet again it’s a crazy situation that the powers that be could have averted if they just made a decision (and stuck to it!) before the race. This protest has been rumoured for days, and if I knew about it for that long I’m sure those on the inside have known much longer, so why didn’t the FIA inspect the cars earlier this week?

Now everyone watching this weekend’s race will be left wondering who will be declared the winner. 🙁

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