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Crash bang

I haven’t posted very much this month, partly because of an aborted attempt at starting work (which means I’m back looking for a project management gig again) and then I had not one but two hard drives die on me!

One of them was my main boot drive (Windows XP / Fedora Linux dual boot) which was backed up pretty often, so I didn’t lose much data but it’s taking forever to reinstall/configure everything back to how I like it. (Unfortunately you can’t simply restore Windows applications or some programs config settings.)

The other drive was a 500Gb backup drive, containing all of my photos! Fortunately it was half of a RAID 1 pair, which means everything I save is written to two drives, and therefore one of them dying means I still have one good copy left. However, I’m very reluctant to do anything with that remaining drive until I get the dead one replaced and rebuild the mirror, just in case it dies too and then I’ve lost everything!

Still, I finally managed to finish posting my photos from May and updated my monthly summary post; I’ve got a few more pictures to post from the Heritage Walk (actually they’re from later the same day) and then I can write the round-up for June. In the meantime you can check out my most viewed photos (which Flickr calls the “most interesting” set) and the other albums @

If you’ve only got time to look at one or two photos, check out my “best of” photoblog @ – I only post one picture per week, give or take, so I try to pick a recent shot that I really like.

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