Paul Henman formula1 Monaco Grand Prix – Race

Monaco Grand Prix – Race

The provisional grid at the end of Qualifying was: SV, JB, MW, FA, MS, FM, LH, NR, PM, SP (assuming he’s declared fit to race), VP, RB, KK, PD, AS, NH, SB, HK, JT, JA, TG, PD, NK, VL.

Since then we’ve learned:

  • SP had “concussion and a sprained thigh, but no broken bones and, following a scan, doctors could find no further injuries”. “Medical staff said he would stay under observation for another night before having a second brain scan on Monday.”
  • LH “ended up in seventh but then had his time deleted for cutting the chicane. […] Hamilton also implicitly called for Felipe Massa to be penalised after he felt he was delayed behind the Ferrari driver on his sole flying lap, but stewards ignored his pleas.” However, the stewards have allowed LH to decide which tyres he’ll start the race on.

So the grid now looks like this: SV, JB, MW, FA, MS, FM, NR, PM, LH, VP, RB, KK, PD, AS, NH, SB, HK, JT, JA, TG, PD, NK, VL.

Pirelli have brought the soft (prime) and super-soft (option) tyre compounds; the soft tyres have a yellow band and super-soft are red.

Air temperature 23°C; track 43°C; wind 1.4m/s; humidity 60%

Cars are on the grid; LH is starting on the prime tyre

SV leads everyone away on the formation lap
Pit-car radio from JB complaining of heavy steering – a power steering problem for the McLaren?
The grid re-forms; SV will have a long wait for the back of the grid to be in place

01/78: FA up to P3 before Turn 1
SV already opening a gap over JB
MS down to P10
MS passes LH down the inside in the hairpin
Pit-car from LH saying he was hit by MS

02: SV, JB, FA, MW, NR, FM, PM, VP, MS, LH

03: Fastest lap SV 1:20.269

04: SV f/lap 1:19.811
Replay of start shows MS bogged down; passed NR and LH; carbon fibre parts in Turn 1 from MS’s Mercedes after he hits LH’s McLaren

05/78: SV f/lap 1:19.485
SV already has 4.3sec lead over JB

06: LH is all over MS’ gearbox but there’s nowhere to pass at Monaco

07: BBC review the start incident again; carbon fibre is from LH’s rear not MS’s nose
Still no word of the stewards investigating MS hitting LH though 🙁

08: LH still swarming all over the back of MS but there’s no where to pass

09: FA f/lap 1:19.327

10/78: SV, JB, FA, MW, NR, FM, PM, VP, MS, LH
LH makes a forceful move on MS, down the inside into Ste.Devote; takes P9

11: FA f/lap 1:19.262
SV’s lead still 4.3sec over JB
NR has FM sitting on his tail

12: RB makes a great move on MS to take P10 at Mirabeau

13: MS pits from P11; new nose section; slow stop

14: FM frustrated behind NR; there’s now a queue behind NR of FM, PM, VP and LH
FM breaks a front end plate as he takes a look at NR on the uphill
Yellow flag because of FM’s bodywork on the track

15: FM past NR for P5; PM follows him past the Mercedes

16: JB pits from P2; early stop? Another set of super-softs
NR pits too

17: SV pits from P1; blanket still on the front-right tyre!
MW pits too – Red Bull team weren’t ready for either driver to stop?

18: FA pits from P1; steady stop
JB f/lap 1:19.072
Stat from BBC: McLaren have now lead 10,000 laps in F1 🙂

19: JB has a 6sec lead over SV

20/78: JB, SV, FA, FM, PM, VP, LH, RB, PD, KK
MW down in P14 after that shambles of a pit stop

21: I wonder, did Red Bull get the right tyres on their two cars?

22: JB’s lead 9.7sec over SV
Meanwhile LH still tucked up behind VP, who in turn is looking to pass PM
TG out of shape coming out of the tunnel; keeps it out of the walls but has to cut the chicane

23: LH pits but the McLaren crew aren’t ready for him! Super-softs go on; rejoins behind MW

25/78: JB, SV, FA, FM, PM, VP, RB, KK, AS, NH

26: PD dives down the inside of SB in the hairpin; tries to push SB wide but instead wrecks his front wing

27: FM pits; rejoins behind MW
Drive through penalty for car 15 (PD) for causing avoidable accident

28: LH all over the rear of FM’s Ferrari

29: PD serves his drive through penalty
VP pits; quick stop but slow getting away from the box

30/78: JB, SV, FA, RB, KK, AS, NH, SB, MW, FM (RB to SB all yet to stop)
MS passes his teammate in the hairpin; takes P14 from NR

31: LH still stuck behind FM

33: TG stopped – suspension damage – did he hit the wall?
JB pits from P1

34: Frustrated attempt from LH trying to pass FM – very messy – LH will definitely be penalised
FM stopped in a damaged Ferrari – more contact with LH?
Safety Car deployed

35/78[SC]: MS loses drive just before the pit lane entrance
Replay shows LH and FM side-by-side in the tunnel; FM on the marbles and clouts the barriers
Marshals push MS into pit lane

36[SC]: Pit-car for LH telling him his front wing is damaged; LH says it’ll be OK; says FM turned in on him

37[SC]: This is the first time the Safety Car has been deployed this season

38[SC]: Incident with FM at hairpin was clearly LH’s fault but this is why I don’t like Monaco – there’s just no safe place to pass
SC in at the end of this lap

39: DRS is disabled at the restart
JB trying to pass back-markers to get back to P2 behind SV

40/78: SV, JB, FA, AS, KK, MW, LH, PM, VP, NH; retirements: FM, MS, TG
Incident involving cars 3 and 6 (LH & FM) under investigation

41: SV has 2.3sec lead over JB; FA is 5.7sec behind JB
LH tucked up behind MW but he’ll almost certainly get a penalty shortly

42: Pit-car radio for SV saying JB will lose the benefit of his new option tyres in about 10 laps

43: As expected, drive through penalty for LH for causing avoidable accident

44: LH serves his drive-through penalty; rejoins in P9

45/78: SV, JB, FA, AS, KK, MW, PM, VP, LH, NH; retirements: FM, MS, TG
MW closing on KK

46: PD tapped the rear of JD in the hairpin; breaks another nose cone

48: JB still stuck behind SV, not getting the benefit of the super-soft tyres; final stop will see JB on soft (prime) and SV on the faster super-softs

49: JB pits; soft tyres; rejoins alongside SB; blue flags for the Toro Rosso; JB passes him but has to go onto the marbles

50/78: SV, FA, JB, AS, KK, MW, PM, VP, LH, NH; retirements: FM, MS, TG
LH pits from P9; soft (prime) tyres too

51: JB f/lap 1:17.894
JB 18sec behind SV, which means when the Red Bull pits he’ll come back out behind the McLaren!

52: JB f/lap 1:17.478
Meanwhile, FA has used both sets of mandatory tyres, so if he doesn’t pit again he could win this race

53: Then again, SV has used both sets too, but he’ll have to make this set last 60 laps, which is 15 more than their forecast life

54: BBC point out there were just 4 passing moves in last year’s Monaco GP; are Red Bull hoping SV can keep FA and JB at bay on very worn tyres?

55/78: SV, FA, JB, AS, KK, MW, VP, PM, LH, NH

56: MW pits from P6; that was a better stop

57: SV’s lead down to 1.0sec over FA; JB is 6.5sec behind FA; AS is a massive 36sec behind JB

58: LH close to the rear of PM … and he’s also the next person to be lapped by the leaders!

59: FA sitting right on the rear of SV’s Red Bull; they’re both on old tyres

60/78: SV, FA, JB, AS, KK, VP, MW, PM, LH, NH; retirements: FM, MS, TG
JB now 2.6sec behind FA and closing by 1.5sec/lap

62: JB now on the tail of the Ferrari

63: It’s nose to tail, the top 3 cars are covered by less than one second!

65/78: SV, FA, JB, AS, KK, VP, MW, PM, LH, NH; retirements: FM, MS, TG

66: They’re catching more traffic, so this could be a chance for FA and JB to attack
Contact between AS and KK; looks like KK has taken P4

67: FA inches from SV’s rear into Ste Devote
MW takes P5 from AS

68: It’s so close – 0.6sec cover SV, FA and JB
FA missed the chicane – he didn’t gain any advantage so probably won’t be penalised, but it shows he’s struggling in the Ferrari

69: SV has caught a gaggle of back-markers
There’s contact – two cars in the wall
Safety Car deployed

70/78[SC]: It’s VP and JA that are out
LH has a broken rear wing – that’s terminal

71[SC]: Slow-motion replay of the incident is still confusing – looks like AS hit the wall, causing others to brake; JA launches himself off a kerb and into the rear of LH, and VP has nowhere to go but into the barriers
Ambulance attending VP’s car

72[SC]: Red flag – race is suspended … but we’re over 75% distance so that’ll be the end of the race
Cars are stopping on the grid; pit crews are rushing to meet them, to cool the brakes etc.
The race will resume once the track is clear – that’s good news for FA and JB!
McLaren appear to be trying to fix LH’s rear wing while they’re waiting for the restart! Very clever!
BBC report that eye-witnesses think VP was knocked out but regained consciousness very quickly
Marshals are moving VP’s Renault, so he’s been extracted – presumably off to the medical centre in an ambulance
Pit teams are now putting on tyre warmers; BBC have confirmed teams can change tyres if they want, which will be a huge advantage for SV
Tweet from Renault team: “Vitaly is talking to us, reporting pain, not getting out of car without medical assistance”
BBC interview someone from Renault: VP has leg injury but no fractures
Race will restart at 4mins past the hour
McLaren team seem to have almost finished replacing upright on LH’s rear wing; new nose cone for his car too?
5mins to restart…
Pit-car for SV confirming restart will be behind Safety Car; it’ll pull in at end of first lap, then SV will act as SC until he crosses start line
1min before everyone has to clear the grid; McLaren still working on LH’s rear wing
Order is: SV, FA, JB, KK, MW, PM, LH, AS, NH, RB, SB, NR, PD, JT, HK, JD, VL, NK
Retirements: VP, JA, FM, MS, TG
Signal given to start up the engines; clear the grid; LH’s rear wing appears to be intact

73[SC]: SC leads away on the restart; mechanics rush to get back to the pits before the end of the lap
SC enters the pit lanes

74: JB a long way back from FA at the restart 🙁
LH up the inside of PM into Ste Devote; PM into the armco; another penalty for LH?

75/78: SV leads FA by 1.4sec; JB is 0.7sec behind the Ferrari
PM’s Williams has been cleared from Turn 1
Incident involving cars 3 and 12 (LH and PM) under investigation

76: LH now sitting on MW’s tail again
DRS is now enabled again

77: SV f/lap 1:16.939
FA f/lap 1:16.931
MW down the inside of KK into the chicane; KK has to cut it; comes out ahead of MW but has to hand P4 to the Red Bull

78[final lap]: SV f/lap 1:16.557
FA f/lap 1:16.471

SV takes the chequered flag
SV f/lap 1:16.267
FA 1.1sec behind
JB home for P3
MW f/lap 1:16.234 and P4
KK over the line for P5, with LH right behind him
P7=AS (+1 lap), 8=NH, 9=RB, 10=SB
P11=NR (+2 laps), 12=PD, 13=JT, 14=HK, 15=JD (+3 laps), 16=VL, 17=NK (+4 laps), 18=PM (+5 laps)

Provisional result: SV, FA, JB, MW, KK, LH, AS, NH, RB, SB, NR, PD, JT, HK, JD, VL, NK, PM.

Cars 14 and 16 (AS and KK) under investigation
Car 25 (JD) also under investigation
Also LH still under investigation for the incident with PM at the restart.

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  1. Hamilton had 20s added to his race time for causing a collision with Maldonado, but keeps his sixth-place finishing position. [source: FIA]

    Sauber’s Kamui Kobayashi was also investigated by the stewards after the race for a passing move on Force India’s Adrian Sutil. Kobayashi was handed a reprimand and keep his fifth place. [source: FIA]

    Renault’s Vitaly Petrov has escaped serious injury after crashing during Sunday’s Monaco race. […] Petrov was carefully extricated under medical supervision and driven to the nearby Princess Grace Hospital for further checks, which confirmed no swelling or broken bones. [source: FIA]

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