Paul Henman formula1 British Grand Prix – Practice

British Grand Prix – Practice

I was busy shooting the Honda Indy Toronto all weekend, so I’m just catching up with Formula One now…

Things to note for the British GP weekend:

  • New circuit layout, including new pit lane buildings and location of the start/finish line
  • Daniel Ricciardo has replaced Karthakayan in the HRT car – I’ll use “DR” in my notes
  • New technical rule re: “blown diffuser” – when the driver lifts off the throttle, the engine can’t continue to run at 100%
  • Tyre compounds are hard (prime) and soft (option)

Practice session 1 was wet and Practice 2 starts with even more rain but a promise that it’ll dry up during the session.

Practice session 1
KK almost flipped the Sauber but instead just wrote it off by sliding backwards into the tyre wall
MW was fastest (1:46.803) followed by MS, RB, SP, FM, NR, FA, LH
MW stopped his Red Bull before entering the pit lane – a “precaution” according to the team

Practice session 2
JA 2:04.096
(AS P2)
45mins left = halfway through the session
SB 2:02.354
JA 2:01.984
Speed talk to NR – sounds like the rule change may have been relaxed slightly, but it’s unclear
AS 2:00.384
SB 1:58.323
JA 1:57.384
NR catches the car after the Mercedes’ tail steps out under braking
JA 1:55.583
30mins left; only 7 drivers have set a time (with 60mins gone of this session); order is JA, SB, AS, KK, NR, SP, PM
JA 1:54.274
SB 1:54.101
AS 1:53.676
SB 1:53.619
20mins left
MW 1:53.537
MS 1:53.024
MW 1:52.587
10mins left; rain is getting heavier again
LH ran wide but recovered to the track
5mins left; order is MW, FA, MS, FM, SB, AS, JA, SV
MS 1:52.325
JB was on a flying lap, 2secs up at the end of Sector 2, but backed off
AS 1:52.261
NR 1:50.744
Chequered flag
KK struggles to stay on track but goes to P2
FM 1:49.967
Fastest 8 are: FM, NR, KK, LH, JB, AS, PD & RB.

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