Paul Henman formula1 British Grand Prix – Qualifying

British Grand Prix – Qualifying

I was busy shooting the Honda Indy Toronto all weekend, so I’m just catching up with Formula One now…

After wet Practice sessions, it’s finally dry for Quali. (Air temp 20°C; track 26°C; 61% humidity)

There’s been a last minute meeting to discuss the “blown diffuser” rule changes again – it’s going to be interesting to see how these changes can be applied just moments before the start of Qualifying. I wonder if anyone will fail scrutineering or if the FIA will be (abnormally) lenient of any infringements.

Qualifying session 1
Busy pit lane exit as everyone wants to get on track immediately as there’s rain forecast in about 10mins
BBC say the teams are running the same blown diffuser configuration as they did in Practice 3
PD 1:36.372
HK 1:35.677
(AS P2)
LH 1:35.375
FA 1:33.741
(RB P2)
Pit-car radio for SV reporting light rain in Copse corner
(FM P2)
5mins gone of Q1 and all 24 cars are on track – some are on the soft compound tyres already
SV 1:33.555
Yellow flag – FA off across the gravel at Luffield – rejoins right in front of another car
RB 1:33.532
MW 1:33.044
FM 1:32.924
PM 1:32.702
10mins gone = halfway through Q1
MW 1:32.670
It’s starting to rain a little heavier … and heavier
5mins left – it’s unlikely anyone will improve on their time
McLaren have sent JB & LH out on soft (i.e. dry) tyres!
3mins left – rain is really coming down very hard
2mins left – everyone is in the pits, so that’s effectively the end of Q1
Pit-car radio for HK says more heavy rain on the way
Chequered flag
Back of the grid will be: JA, SB, TG, JT, JD, VL, DR

Qualifying 2
Looks like the rain’s stopped in the pit lane but there’s still dark clouds overhead
Pit-car radio for HK says no rain forecast at present
NR and then MS go out on intermediate tyres – Mercedes must have a spotter around the track warning them of standing water
There is a little water on Copse but the rest of the circuit looks dry
Pit-car for RB telling him everyone except the Mercedes pair are on dry tyres
FA has gone out on inters too
NR pits without setting a lap time
NH 1:41.657
RB 1:39.208
PM 1:37.703 – another good lap for the Williams driver
5mins gone of Q2 = 10mins left
(KK P2)
RB 1:36.408
SP 1:36.221
KK 1:35.896
MW 1:35.098
AS 1:34.872
7:30 left (halfway through Q2)
AS 1:33.672
5mins left
FA 1:31.727
(LH P2)
3mins left; bottom 7 are SV, JB, MS, FM, NR, PD & HK
(MS P3)
(SV P2)
(JB P5)
MW 1:31.673
FM 1:31.640
PD finally sets a lap time
1min left; bottom 7 are RB, AS, NH, HK, KK, VP, NR
(VP P8, pushing JB to P11)
Chequered flag
(JB P4 – phew!)
Middle of the grid will be AS, SP, MS, VP, RB, NH, HK

Qualifying 3
Lights turn green; both Red Bulls and LH rush onto the track
SV 1:30.431
MW 1:30.399
(LH P3)
(NR P3)
(FA P3)
(JB P4)
(FM P4)
(PM P6)
(PD P6)
5mins gone = 5mins left; order is MW, SV, FA, FM, JB, PD, PM, NR, LH, KK* (*yet to set a time)
(KK P8)
Everyone pitting for one final set of soft tyres
BBC report that LH was out on the set he used in Q1
3mins left
Starting to drizzle
2mins left
Pit-car for JB warns him there’s rain closing on the circuit
JB abandons his final flying lap
NR is going all out
Chequered flag
NR aborts his lap
So that one flying lap has determined the front of the grid

Provisional grid: MW, SV, FA, FM, JB, PD, PM, KK, NR, LH, AS, SP, MS, VP, RB, NH, HK, JA, SB, TG, JT, JD, VL, DR.

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  1. It was funny to hear Murray Walker commentate on the replay of Webber’s pole lap – a blast from the past! 🙂

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