Paul Henman formula1 Canadian Grand Prix – Qualifying

Canadian Grand Prix – Qualifying

LH was fastest in Free Practice 1 (1:15.564) and FP2 (1:15.259)

KR was fined $2,500 for crossing the white line at the pit lane entrance in FP3.

As previously noted, the tyre compounds for the race weekend: primes = soft (yellow band) and options = super-soft (red).

Quite windy again; air 24°C, track 40°C, wind 4m/s

Qualifying 1
Green lights mark the start of Q1 but no rush to get on track
NR first out of the pits
KK runs wide in Turn 1, cuts across the grass
NR 1:18.763
PRe 1:16.999
LH 1:16.232
(JB P2)
SP 1:16.131
Everyone on the prime (soft) tyres so far
FM runs wide in Turn 1
KK 1:15.906
FA 1:15.121
NH 1:15.106
10mins left of Q1; bottom 7 are JV, HK, TG, CP, NK, PRo*, SV* (*no time set yet)
FA 1:14.916
MS 1:14.892
8mins left; SV finally on track
SV 1:14.743
5mins left; bottom 7 are VP, HK, JV, PRo, TG, CP, NK; they’re all inside the current 107% time
PM runs wide, kicking up more grass in Turn 1
SV 1:14.661 – why is he bothering to post faster laps?
(JB P2 but using options)
JV locks up in to Turn 1 but makes it through the corner
1min left; bottom 7 are VP, JV, HK, PRo, TG, CP, NK
Chequered flag
(HK P18)
Back of the grid will be: HK, VP, JV, PRo, TG, CP, NK.
Everyone inside the 107% time (1:19.887)

Qualifying 2
DR first on track
Looks like a lot of people on options for Q2 – just the Ferraris on primes
DR 1:15.995
KK 1:15.454
NR 1:14.568
LH 1:14.510
FA ran wide in Turn 1
SV 1:14.187
Radio from JB saying biggest problem is locking up into the hairpin
NR told to short-shift – a problem for the Mercedes?
FA now on options; only his teammate still on primes … no, FM is now on primes too
5mins left; bottom 7 are PRe, PM, BS, KK, SP, DR, FA
(FA P2)
Yellow flag … and cleared almost immediately – SP missed Turn 9
2mins left; bottom 7 are FM, RG, DR, KR, PM, BS, SP
(RG P11)
(KR P10; NH to P11)
Chequered flag
(FM P8; KR to P11)
(RG P7; KK to P11)
PM on a very fast lap; loses the tail in the final chicane, spins, clips tyre wall with his rear – JB must be breathing a sigh of relief because PM could have pushed JB out of Q1
Middle of the grid: KK, KR, NH, DR, SP, BS, PM

Qualifying 3
Fighting over the top 10 grid spots are: SV, FA, LH, MW, MS, NR, RG, PRe, FM & JB
Green lights for the start of Q3; LH first on track
JB exits the McLaren garage on new primes, but LH is on options
LH wrangling his car through Turns 6 & 7; backs off
LH 1:19.523
JB 1:18.632 (on primes)
NR 1:14.664
(FA P2)
FM 1:14.465
LH 1:14.439
(JB P6)
SV 1:13.905
(FA P2)
(MW P5)
4mins left; order is SV, FA, LH, FM, MW, RG, NR, MS, JB, PRe* (*yet to set a time)
JB pushed into the garage
1min left; JB still in the garage so he won’t be improving on P9
SV 1:13.784
(LH P2)
(NR P4)
Chequered flag; order is SV, LH, FA, NR, FM, MW, RG, PRe, MS, JB
(MW P4)
MS back off – he’ll blame FM for slowing him down
Front of the grid: SV, LH, FA, MW, NR, FM, RG, PRe, MS, JB

Provisional grid: SV, LH, FA, MW, NR, FM, RG, PRe, MS, JB, KK, KR, NH, DR, SP, BS, PM, HK, VP, JV, PRo, TG, CP, NK.

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  1. “Red Bull have been forced to change a design feature on their cars after governing body the FIA decided that it broke the rules.

    Red Bull had holes in the front axles that channelled air through the wheels for an aerodynamic advantage.

    But the FIA said they contravened rules outlawing moveable aerodynamic devices.”

    [source: BBC]

  2. “Police in the Canadian city of Montreal have arrested at least 12 people suspected of trying to disrupt the F1 Canadian Grand Prix.

    Hundreds had taken to the streets as part of protests against rising university tuition fees, as well as the city’s hosting of Sunday’s race.

    There were clashes on Saturday night between student protesters and riot police, who fired tear gas.”

    [source: BBC]

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