Paul Henman formula1 British Grand Prix – Race

British Grand Prix – Race

After a rain-interrupted Qualifying, the weather on race day actually looks quite nice!

Grid: FA, MW, MS, SV, FM, KR, PM, LH, RG, PRe, NR, DR, BS, NH, SP, JB, KK, VP, HK, TG, PRo, NK, JV, CP.

Of the top 10 cars, only FA and LH are starting on the hard (prime) tyre compounds (the rest will be on the soft, options)

FA leads everyone away on the formation lap
Radio for MS: no rain expected

01/52: MW attacking in to Turn 1 but FA stays ahead
FIA timing chart says VP is in the pits
PRe off track – puncture – limping back to the pit
02: FA, MW, MS, FM, SV, PM, KR, LH, BS, SP
JB already up to P13
PRe makes it to the pits

03: SV fastest lap 1:40.820
RG pits
Race control: DRS enabled
Long stop for RG
MS tries to make a move on MS but instead SV attacks the Ferrari
PRe back in the pits

04: FA f/lap 1:40.256
SP f/lap 1:39.781

05/52: FA, MW, MS, FM, SV, KR, PM, LH, SP, BS
PRe out of the Force India car
RG f/lap 1:39.216

06: Radio from LH complaining he has “no pace”; mind you, everyone in front of him is on the soft tyre

07: FM uses DRS to attack MS but he slams the door on the Ferrari

09: FM still harrying MS for P3
RG f/lap 1:38.945

10/52: FA, MW, MS, FM, SV, KR, PM, LH, SP, BS; retirements: PRe
MS has a queue of 6 cars behind him
RG f/lap 1:38.780

11: SV pits from P5; rejoins P15

12: FM finally makes it past MS
PM pits, as does SP
FA f/lap 1:38.518
SP makes a forceful move on PM – contact – SP out

13: MS pits
SV f/lap 1:38.273
Race control: DRS disabled – why?
PM pits – damage after the incident with SP?

14: FM and KR pit
Race control: DRS enabled again – was that an error?
Incident involving cars 15 and 18 (SP & PM) under investigation

15/52: MW pits, followed by BS
BBC explain DRS was disabled because marshals were clearing debris (from SP/PM incident) from end of DRS zone

16: FA pits from P1; rejoins P2
JB’s tyres are shot – SV and FM easily pass him

17: MW f/lap 1:37.498
JB pits, as do KK, NH and DR
JB attacking NR

18: LH holding off FA but the McLaren’s tyres are very tired

19: FA takes P1; LH fights back; it’s a good, clean battle but FA is on much newer tyres and holds on to P1

20/52: FA, LH*, MW, SV, FM, MS, KR, RG, KK, NH (*yet to pit)

22: LH finally pits; rejoins P7, behind KR

24: KR takes P5 from MS … and LH follows him past the Mercedes

25/52: FA, MW, SV, FM, KR, LH, MS, RG, KK, NH; retirements: VP, PRe, SP
KR f/lap 1:37.386

26 = half distance: FA f/lap 1:37.042

27: RG pit stop #2

29: KR f/lap 1:36.907
LH pits; rejoins P12, behind NR
RG f/lap 1:36.492

30/52: FA, MW, SV, FM, KR, MS, KK, NH, BS, JB; retirements: VP, PRe, SP

31: BS pits

32: RG passes JB; LH was probably hoping his teammate could hold off the Lotus a bit more
JB pits

33: RG right on the gearbox of LH

34: MW pits from P2
KK attacking MS for P6
SV f/lap 1:36.357
JB f/lap 1:36.329

35/52: KR pits, as does MS
RG uses DRS to take P9 from LH

36: FM pits
MW f/lap 1:36.132

37: MW f/lap 1:35.954
KR f/lap 1:35.894

38: FA pits
KK pits – over-runs his box, hitting 4 of his mechanics!

39: FM f/lap 1:35.692

40/52: FA, MW, SV, FM, KR, RG, LH, MS, NH, BS; retirements: VP, PRe, SP
BBC report no serious injuries from KK’s pit stop incident

42: RG f/lap 1:35.328
Incident involving car 14 (KK) will be investigated after the race

43: JB closing on BS

45/52: JB right on the tail of BS, who in turn is closing on NH
MW has been closing on FA too; he’s closed the gap to 1.3secs

46: MW now under 1sec behind FA; he can use DRS to challenge for P1

47: MS steals P7 from LH

48: MW gets very close to FA; makes a move in to Brooklands … and takes P1 from the Ferrari

49: MW f/lap 1:34.953

50/52: MW, FA, SV, FM, KR, RG, MS, LH, NH, BS; retirements: VP, PRe, SP
KR f/lap 1:34.728

51: KR trying to close on FM but runs a little wide
KR f/lap 1: 34.661
BS attacks around the outside of NH; takes P9

52 = final lap: NH runs wide, handing P10 to JB

MW takes the chequered flag; 2nd double winner this season
P2=FA; 3=SV; 4=FM; 5=KR; 6=RG; 7=MS; 8=LH; 9=BS; 10=JB
followed by KK, NH, DR, JV, NR, PM, HK, TG, CP, PRo, NK.

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  1. Post-race penalties:

    Williams’ Pastor Maldonado and Sauber’s Kamui Kobayashi both picked up post-race fines from the British Grand Prix stewards thanks to driving indiscretions during Sunday’s Silverstone race.

    [source: FIA]

  2. And another penalty:

    Romain Grosjean’s hopes of a maiden victory in next weekend’s German Grand Prix have taken an early knock after Lotus confirmed they are going to have to change the gearbox on his car, a move which will incur a five-place grid penalty.

    [source: FIA]

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