United States Grand Prix – Qualifying

SV was fastest in both Free Practice 1 (1:38.125, followed by LH & FA), FP2 (1:37.718, followed by MW & FA), and again in FP3 (1:36.490, followed by LH & PM).

RG has picked up a 5 grid spot penalty for a gearbox change [source: FIA]

No penalty for SP after a collision with CP in FP3

Tyre compounds this weekend: prime = hard (silver markings); option = medium (white)

Air temperature 21°C; track 32°C; wind 3m/s

Qualifying session 1 (Q1)
NK 1:45.573
TG 1:43.630
KR 1:41.058
RG 1:39.078
10mins left of Q1; 11 drivers yet to set a time
RG 1:37.865
Looks like all 24 cars are on track
RG 1:37.486 (on options)
SV 1:37.165
6mins left; 4 cars (VP, KK, NR, MS) outside the 107% time
5mins left; bottom 7 are CP, HK, PRo, NK, VP, KK, MS
Still busy on track
(MW P2 behind his teammate)
3mins left; bottom 7 are DR, TG, CP, HK, PRo, NK, VP (only VP outside the 107% time)
NK slowing; pulls off track
LH 1:37.058
Yellow flag while the marshals recover NK’s car
90seconds left; bottom 7 are NR, TG, CP, VP, HK, PRo, NK
SV 1:36.558
Chequered flag; bottom 7 are DR, TG, CP, VP, HK, PRo, NK – everyone inside the 107% time
No-one manages to improve their time
Back of the grid: DR, TG, CP, VP, HK, PRo, NK
Fastest was SV 1:36.558

Qualifying 2
PM first out of the pits … and returns to his garage without setting a time
KR 1:37.672
JB runs a little wide and abandons this lap
9mins left; only SP in the pits
FA being held up by MS
(JB P2)
LH 1:36.795
5mins left; bottom 7 are FA, NR, SV, KK, PRe, MS, SP* (*SP yet to set a time)
SV 1:35.971
Radio from JB – “loss of power”!
JB limping back to the pits
JB says “throttle pedal short”; makes it back to the box
2mins left; bottom 7 PRe, MS, BS, JV, KK, NR, SP
SV 1:57.796
(MS P5, relegating JB to P11)
JB still in the garage – he won’t be able to set another lap so his Quali is done
Chequered flag
(BS P11)
(SP P15)
Middle of the grid: BS, JB, PRe, JV, SP, KK, NR
SV fastest again (1:35.796)

Qualifying 3
The battle for the top 10 grid spots is between SV, MW, FM, LH, RG*, PM, NH, MS, FA & KR
(*RG has a 5 grid spot penalty waiting for him)
Radio for MS telling him to take care of his left-rear tyre
MS 1:51.627
FA 1:42.411
(FM P2)
PM 1:42.204
RG 1:37.227
(LH P2)
MW 1:36.845
LH 1:36.209
So everyone’s done 1 lap; order is LH, MW, RG, FA, FM, NH, KR, PM, SV
SV 1:35.877
MS runs wide in the final turn
90secs left; order is SV, LH, MW, RG, KR, MS, FA, NH, PM, FM
(FM P8)
(NH P6)
Chequered flag; SV, LH, MW, RG, KR, NH, MS, FA, FM, PM
FA can’t improve on P7
(NH P7)
SV 1:35.657
LH on a quick lap but can’t take P1 – misses SV’s time by 0.109 secs
Front of the grid: SV, LH, MW, RG*, KR, MS, FM, NH, FA, PM
(*RG will be relegated to P9)

Provisional grid: SV, LH, MW, [RG*] KR, MS, FM, NH, FA, RG*, PM, BS, JB, PRe, JV, SP, KK, NR, DR, TG, CP, VP, HK, PRo, NK.

Will MS be penalised for blocking FA in Q2?


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