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2015 Marillion Weekend is almost here

It’s two years since the last Marillion Weekend in Montreal, and it’s almost time for another one! Here are some of my favourite photos from past Marillion concerts; click on an image to enlarge it, or the links below for all the photos from that particular event.

2013 Marillion Weekend [2013 weekend write-up] [2013 lead up]

2012 North American tour (It was a crazy hot night at the Opera House!)

2011 Marillion Weekend [2011 write-up]

2009 Marillion Weekend [2009 write-up]

2015 schedule Afternoon Evening
Friday Scripted and Kings @ Brutopia Casey McPherson
Marillion – Anoraknophobia
Saturday Elephants of Scotland @ Brutopia Lo-Fi Resistance
Marillion – Marbles
Sunday Swap The Band David Barrett Trio
Marillion – “surprise” 🙂

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