Paul Henman rugby Toronto Wolfpack vs London Broncos

Toronto Wolfpack vs London Broncos

The first Wolfpack game I went to (back in June) was against the Broncos; Toronto won 32-12 but had lost the game when they played in London (one of only two defeats in the season), and the teams finished 1st and 2nd in the league, so this was bound to be a good game.

Whiting picked up a gash to his head in the first couple of minutes of the game (he posted a post-game photo of the staples) but returned to the field a few minutes later wearing a scrum cap.

Half-time included some fans playing Bubble Soccer; at one point Jefferson went on just to push people over! 🙂

With the half-time score at 20-0, I was expecting to get a lot of photos of the Wolfpack attacking towards me but London upped their game and fought back hard (unfortunately beyond the reach of my camera).

The final score was 34-22, which means Toronto are in third place in the Super 8s Qualifiers table but the next game is away at Salford, who are unbeaten so far.

After the game, Kerri gave Jefferson a hug and we watched some more of the Canadian International Air Show as the Snowbirds flew over.

You can find all my photos from this game on Flickr, along with my shots from the previous games.

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