Paul Henman formula1 2024 F1 Calendar

2024 F1 Calendar

The 2024 F1 calendar was announced way back in July but it usually includes a few To Be Confirmed / caveats, so I don’t rush to blog about it. The 2024 calendar looks a lot like 2023‘s, although China has been added (making a total of 24 races, despite teams’ pleas not to increase it) and a couple of different venues getting the sprint race format for their weekend.

F1 made some noise about “greater calendar regionalisation”, i.e. grouping races in order to reduce the amount of travel, but other than Azerbaijan moving to September the order is very similar to 2023. There are three races in the United States: Miami in May, Austin in October and Vegas in late November – I’m not sure how this helps reduce the amount of travel, but then I also don’t think there should be three races in one country (especially USA) in the first place. Italy has two races, same as last year: Imola in May and Monza in September.

Bahrain kicks of the season on the first weekend in March, same as 2023, but Abu Dhabi wraps it up on December 8th this year, almost two weeks later that last year but that’s down to China being shoe-horned in before Miami.

Round Race Day Location Notes
01 Mar02 Bahrain
02 Mar09 Saudi Arabia
03 Mar24 Australia
04 Apr07 Japan
05 Apr21 *China
06 May05 *USA (Miami)
07 May19 Italy (Emilia Romagna, aka Imola)
08 May26 Monaco
09 Jun09 Canada
10 Jun23 Spain
11 Jun30 *Austria
12 Jul07 Great Britain
13 Jul21 Hungary
14 Jul28 Belgium
15 Aug25 Netherlands
16 Sep01 Italy (Monza)
17 Sep15 Azerbaijan
18 Sep22 Singapore
19 Oct20 *USA (Austin, COTA)
20 Oct27 Mexico
21 Nov03 *Brazil
22 Nov23 USA (Las Vegas)
23 Dec01 *Qatar
24 Dec08 Abu Dhabi

*There will be six sprint races this year: China, USA (Miami), Austria, USA (COTA), Brazil and Qatar.

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