Crash bang

I had meant to update this blog every few days but no sooner do I kick it off, I have not one but two hard drives die on me!

One of them was my main boot drive (Windows XP / Fedora Linux dual boot) which was backed up pretty often, so I didn’t lose much data but it’s taking forever to reinstall/configure everything back to how I like it. (Unfortunately you can’t simply restore Windows applications or some programs config settings.)

The other drive was a 500Gb backup drive, containing all of my photos! Fortunately it was half of a RAID 1 pair, which means everything I save is written to two drives, and therefore one of them dying means I still have one good copy left. However, I’m very reluctant to do anything with that remaining drive until I get the dead one replaced and rebuild the mirror, just in case it dies too and then I’ve lost everything!

Anyway, all that was to say that I’ve been somewhat distracted the past week or so, hence no blog posts. I’m still fighting with some issues, but hopefully I can get back on track soon.

Call me paranoidCall me paranoid

After listening to Martin Bailey‘s latest podcast (#293) and recent discussions with a couple of people, I thought I’d document my backup strategy/workflow. (I think I’ve done this before but that’s bound to be before

Net NeutralityNet Neutrality

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and US government in general have a disproportionate control over the Internet, so even though this should only be of interest to Americans it’s something which will no doubt impact