Paul Henman formula1 F1 calendar & drivers – 2022 season

F1 calendar & drivers – 2022 season

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused some last-minute changes: Haas is no longer sponsored by Uralkali, so the Russian colour scheme has been dropped and Mazepin has lost his seat; the Russian Grand Prix has disappeared from the schedule (would have been Sep25) but it’s not clear yet if it will be replaced.

2022 Calendar

Round Race Day Location Notes
01 Mar20 Bahrain Quali; Race
02 Mar27 Saudi Arabia Quali; Race
03 Apr10 Australia Quali; Race
04 Apr24 *Italy (Emilia Romagna, aka Imola) Quali+Sprint; Race
05 May08 USA (Miami) Quali; Race
06 May22 Spain Quali; Race
07 May29 Monaco Quali; Race
08 Jun12 Azerbaijan Quali; Race
09 Jun19 Canada Quali; Race
10 Jul03 Great Britain (no notes)
11 Jul10 *Austria Quali+Sprint; Race
12 Jul24 France Quali; Race
13 Jul31 Hungary Quali; Race
14 Aug28 Belgium Quali; Race
15 Sep04 Netherlands Quali; Race
16 Sep11 Italy (Monza) Quali; Race
17 Oct02 Singapore Quali; Race
18 Oct09 Japan Quali; Race
19 Oct23 USA (COTA, Texas) Quali; Race
20 Oct30 Mexico Quali; Race
21 Nov13 *Brazil Quali+Sprint; Race
22 Nov20 Abu Dhabi (no Quali notes); Race

*Imola, Austria and Brazil will follow the revised sprint format. The top 8 finishers of the sprint race will be awarded 8 points down to 1 point.

Teams & Drivers

Team Drivers (car#)
Alfa Romeo Valtteri BOTtas (77) ZHOu Guanyu (24)
Alpha Tauri Pierre GASly (10) Yuki TSUnoda (22)
Alpine Esteban OCOn (31) Fernando ALOnso (14)
Aston Martin Lance STRoll (18) Sebastian VETtel (5)
Ferrari Charles LEClerc (16) Carlos SAInz (55)
Haas Kevin MAGnussen (20) Mick SCHumacher (47)
McLaren Daniel RICciardo (3) Lando NORris (4)
Mercedes Lewis HAMilton (44) George RUSsell (63)
Red Bull Max VERstappen (1) Sergio PERez (11)
Williams Alex ALBon (23) Nicholas LATifi (6)

Other Changes

The obvious changes for 2022 are the chassis regulations (bigger wheels, smaller wings) and tighter budget constraints. A second US race has been added: Miami in May joins Austin (Circuit of the Americas) in October. The FIA’s internal review of the Abu Dhabi fiasco has resulted in some recommendations:

  • “To assist the Race Director in the decision-making process, a Virtual Race Control Room should be created. Like the Video Assistance Referee (VAR) in football, it will be positioned in one of the FIA Offices as a backup outside the circuit. In real-time connection with the FIA F1 race director, it will help to apply the Sporting Regulations using the most modern technological tools.”
  • “Direct radio communications during the race, currently broadcast live by all TVs, should be removed in order to protect the Race Director from any pressure and allow him to take decisions peacefully. It will still be possible to ask questions to the Race Director, according to a well-defined and non-intrusive process.”
  • “Unlapping procedures behind Safety Car should be reassessed by the F1 Sporting Advisory Committee and presented to the next F1 Commission prior to the start of the season.”
    The rule has been changed to say all lapped cars are required to pass the SC; that was obviously what was meant previously by “any” but hopefully this will mean the Race Director can’t decide to help certain competitors.
  • “A new race management team has been put in place starting in Barcelona for the test session. Niels Wittich (former DTM Race Director) and Eduardo Freitas (former WEC Race Director) will act alternatively as Race Director, assisted by Herbie Blash (former right-hand man of Charlie Whiting) as permanent senior advisor.”

The points for shortened races has also been changed; no points will be awarded unless a minimum of two laps have been completed by the leader without a Safety Car or Virtual Safety Car intervention; the points per position have been tweaked for races completing less than 75% distance.

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